Cancer remains one of those words that send a chill through your bones. The mere mention of the word conjures up images of people losing their hair and fighting for their last breath.

Fortunately, research has come a long way and the treatment methods today give much better results. Of course, it’s still true that the earlier you get treatment the better your chances of survival. It may help to know that there is a 60% survival rate for people with mouth cancer. 

The fact that early detection improves survival chances means that you need to be aware of the signs and symptoms. If you have any concerns over your health then book an appointment with a reputable dentist, such as this dentist Petrie. Seeing them regularly will also help to ensure they spot any potential issues.

Mouth Ulcers

If you notice you have mouth ulcers then there are many possible causes, from eating food that’s too hot to having bitten your cheek. However, if they are painful and are not healing within a couple of weeks you need to have them looked at. It’s a sign of mouth cancer. 

Lumps In Mouth & Neck

Lumps that appear suddenly in your mouth or your neck, specifically along the line of your throat, can be a sign of cancer. If you have no idea what caused the lumps, are otherwise feeling fine, and they won’t go away after a few days, it’s worth having a check-up.

Loose Teeth

As you age you tend to need more tooth care, including cavities being dealt with. However, your teeth don’t usually start to feel loose unless you have an underlying issue. If your teeth feel loose or you’ve had an extraction and the area isn’t healing, you need to suspect mouth cancer.


Your mouth can feel numb after eating something particularly spicy. However, if you notice numbness in a specific area of your mouth, on your lips, or even on your tongue, you need to have it checked as soon as possible. 

That’s assuming there is no reason you know of for the numbness.

Patches In Your Mouth

A common early sign of mouth cancer is the development of white or red patches in your mouth. These will be visible when you brush your teeth or floss. In many cases, they are nothing to worry about. However, as they can be an early warning sign of mouth cancer it’s worth having them checked. 

Speech Issues

If you suddenly notice that you’re struggling to say specific words or appear to be developing a lisp then you need to get the issue checked out, it’s another sign of mouth cancer.

Final Thoughts

The general rule is that the above symptoms should disappear by themselves within 2-3 weeks. If they don’t get medical help. But, you know your body best, if you feel you need to see your dentist earlier then book your appointment. Catching any type of cancer early makes a big difference to survival rates.