A vending machine in an office 

To eat, or not to eat?

That is a question many snack lovers ask when they feel peckish at an odd hour. Food lovers invested in adopting healthy eating habits find themselves in a dilemma. That’s because most vending machines in Miami don’t cater to their diet.

Luckily, times are changing.

The latest buzz on the street is that the National Automatic Merchandising Association has announced a ‘better for you’ campaign for America. They plan to do this by raising their nutritious offerings from 24% to 33%. With this upgrade, you can approach a vending machine without slipping into a sugary food coma.

These new and improved vending machines will serve up a deliciously nutritious storm by swapping low-calorie items for healthier substitutes.

It’s excellent news for diet-conscious food lovers everywhere. Plus, it is a perfect opportunity for offices, gyms, airports, and other establishments to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Here are our top picks for healthy vending machine snacks:

1. Seeds & Nuts 

Savvy snackers love food items that crunch and munch. Having an assorted collection of seeds and nuts is an excellent choice for vending machines. These snacks are brimming with the goodness of protein, healthy omega-3 fats, and some fiber. The calorie count is super low, and you don’t have to worry about additives, sugar, or coloring.

Popular options include:

·         Nuts: almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, etc.
·         Seeds: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, etc.  

You can stock yours with a customized ensemble of products in your vending machine.  Also, make sure that none of these items are salted or sugar-coated.

Pro-tip: If you are installing a healthy vending machine for your employees, staff, or gym members, you can run a poll. That way, you’ll know if somebody has allergies or what preferences they have for this category.

2. Trail Mix

Are you looking for a tasty pick-me-up before lunchtime?

Find a healthy vending machine that delivers nutritious options.  Trail mixes lead the snack pack amongst the healthy goodies you’ll find inside. According to consumer reports, one-third cup of trail mix contains approximately 4 grams of fiber, 16 grams of fat, and 25 grams of carbohydrates. Its nutritional value is significantly higher than a bag of chips.

More importantly, it comes in a variety of combinations and options. You have the usual granola mix with dried fruits and nuts, along with an upgraded option with additional ingredients. Each of these elements adds natural nutrition to your diet. They also strike the right balance between sweet and salty flavors.

Plus, they are oh-so-crunchy!

3. Granola Bars  

Do you think trail mixes and loose seeds are too messy?


Luckily, granola bars combine their nutritious elements into a wrapped snack. These dry-fruit studded bars can become your mini-meal to beat the afternoon slump. They deliver high-fiber, proteins, and vitamins, depending on its ingredients. They are also more flavorsome and tastier than most healthy snacks.

That is why healthy snackers consider them as a versatile option.

4. Whole-Grains Treats

Whole-grain snacks are an excellent source of fiber. They make the perfect snack for someone interested in a high-fiber diet. Even if you are not beelining for fiber, choose these whole-grain items to deal with badly-timed hunger pangs.

Healthy whole-grain items include:

·         Pretzels
·         Crackers
·         Dry cereal

They make an excellent substitute for anyone who has salty and savory cravings. The nutritious bonus is that these alternatives make you feel fuller, and they’re suitable for gut-health too. You can team them up with one of our sweeter snacks to create a well-balanced midday snack plan.

5. Protein Bars 

Protein bars make a serious post-workout snack for fitness enthusiasts. The only condition for these deceptive candy bars is to go over their nutritional value and ingredient list. Aim for plant-based alternatives and healthy nutrition bars that contain a minimum of 20g of protein, 15-10 g of fat, and at least some grams of fiber. Finding protein bars that hit the right ratio refuel your energy without adding to your calories.

They also give you the much-needed energy boost after a strenuous exercise session.

6. Healthy Drinks

Do you want to pair your healthy snack with a drink?

It’s high time you ditch those fizzy drinks and soda cans. You can find healthier alternatives in fresh fruit juices, healthy shakes, energy drinks, and other zero-calorie drinks. If you want to cut sugar and calories, go for a bottle of water.

These choices don’t fill your system with artificial additives, sugary drinks, and other notoriously unhealthy ingredients hidden inside these tempting drinks. Plus, they keep you hydrated and refreshed whenever you want to quench your thirst.

Miscellaneous Items for Vending Machines in Miami

An image of baked chips  

What if you’re in the mood for a fun snack?

No worries, there are tons of other options you can eat. Most of these are a healthier renditions of traditional treats. They just happen to have lower calories and more nutrition.

Our favorite choices include:

·         Yogurt:
 Yogurt cups contain calcium, vitamin B, good fats, and many other nutritional benefits your average vending machine snack doesn’t offer.
·         Baked chips:
If your break time is incomplete without potato chips, you can opt for their baked cousin. These chips have fewer calories and less saturated fats. They are less oily too.
·         Popcorn

As long as this movie snack is lightly seasoned and air-popped, it retains its dietary benefits. That is because it contains whole-grains and fiber. So keep your hands off the butter to curb your salty craving with popcorn.

Apart from this, you can opt for pretzels and sugar-free (or gluten-free) cookies. Eating these snacks in moderation won’t ruin your diet plans. You can also find a reputable vendor that offers a healthier version of these delightful treats.

It’s a Wrap!

Could this change outweigh traditional sweet offerings?

 Time will tell. All we know is that vending machines in Miami are rapidly evolving. The new healthy makeover makes them an ideal addition for break rooms, canteen, and corridors around the city. Having healthy snacks for vending machines lets consumers grab tasty on-the-go treats without compromising their diet. Plus, these nuts, seeds, healthy drinks, and granola bars turn into a guilt-free indulgence.

Which one of these delicious treats is a must-have for you?