If you’ve ever felt you were stressed, or even said the words out loud, you’ll know that it’s no fun. Stress can completely turn someone’s life upside down, and what used to be easy and fun can become hard work and something we would rather avoid. Many people who feel like this and are becoming overwhelmed by their own lives, and everything they have to do in them, might just try to get on with it, thinking this is it and they just have to deal with it. After all, we’re meant to be busy and overburdened, aren’t we? 

The reality is this is not how life should be lived. Life should be free and fun, and although of course we will have responsibilities, we also should have time for enjoyment, hobbies, and, very importantly, relaxation. If you know you need to have more relaxing time in your life but you don’t even know where to start, here are some useful tips. 

Have a Massage 
For many, a massage is something saved for a special occasion, something they might treat themselves to at a spa or because they particularly need pampering. However, having a massage on a more regular basis is a good idea since they are perfect for reducing stress. A good enough massage might even relieve you of stress altogether, at least in the short term. This will allow you to focus on what you are doing and potentially be more productive. 

A massage works by putting your out of balance hormones back into alignment. When you are stressed, you make too much cortisol and not enough serotonin. A good massage (professional or otherwise) can reduce the cortisol and increase the serotonin so you feel much happier. 

Take Supplements 
Sometimes stress isn’t just about what is happening in our daily lives; it can also be because we’re not taking good care of ourselves. Perhaps we’re eating the wrong foods or not getting enough exercise, or we might be sleeping less than we should. In this case, stress can form as we’re not using our bodies healthily. 

Although ideally exercise and a good diet should be part of our everyday lives, when it can’t be, or to help us feel better even if it is, taking supplements can help hugely. You can try CBD in a variety of forms, for example, using a CBDistillery coupon to see if this is the right option for you, or you can take supplements from a health food store, or even use essential oils or aromatherapy candles. There are many different choices when it comes to supplements, and that’s what makes them so useful. 

Soak in the Tub
Although this option might not be possible as a daily routine fixture, if you can try to have one long soak in the tub once a week, you will feel so much better for it. You can even add the supplements and essentials oils we mentioned above to your water, helping you relax even more. 

A warm bath will relax your muscles so they don’t feel so tense, and that helps with your stress levels. Plus you can relax your mind, at least for a little while, and that is another way to de-stress. Don’t have the temperature too high as this will raise your blood pressure and undo all the good you’ve put in place.