If you ever enquired from four people in the United States whether they had blood sugar or not, they may either say yes or they would say ‘they do not know’. However, what they would not say is that they do not have Diabetes. The main reason behind this is because people tend to ignore diseases such as Diabetes or Blood Sugar because they are not as lethal as Cancer or Heart Diseases. 

The research around diabetes states that if a person keeps the sugar under control, he/she can live up to their life’s fullest. But if someone tends not to do anything about it, then it can cause severe impacts on a person’s health, both internally and externally.

How Lethal is Diabetes
To explain diabetes and blood sugar disease in simple words, it is a group of diseases that render the pancreas from producing less or no insulin. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas does not even produce any insulin for which the reason is still unknown. As far as type 2 diabetes is concerned, the pancreas produces a very small amount of insulin. As per research, it is established that the lack of insulin production is caused due to poor hygiene and lack of exercise or physical activities.

As per the casualties count due to diseases, around 1.5 million people die of diabetes or low blood sugar globally. Currently, diabetes is ranked sixth for being the cause of death around the world.

Israel Figa’s Research on Diabetes and Tips on How to keep it Under Control
Dr. Israel Figa is among the personalities who have spent their life-time conducting research in diabetes and low blood sugar. He has gained a vast amount of experience in trying out natural things that can help people control diabetes for good.

As per Israel Figa, more than 50% of adults in the entire USA have diabetes or have pre-diabetes but the majority of them do not even know. In the United States, people are used to having a lot of junk food and unhealthy diets. This is why the current obesity rate in the entire United States is 43 percent among adults. 

His research also shows that more than 14% to 16% of adults in the United States have type 2 diabetes while type 1 diabetes has the lead. The percentage of type 2 diabetic adults in the entire United States is around 34% to 36%.
To address this problem and bring a solution to 50 percent in the United States as well as around the world, Israel Figa has listed a few natural ways. These tips can help people keep their blood sugar and diabetes under control so they can keep their sugar levels under control and live a happy life:

You Must Exercise Daily
Not just Israel Figa but physicians, doctors, or anyone around the world would always recommend exercise. Exercise the cure for the majority of diseases around the world. It keeps your body healthy, in high spirits, and your blood circulating the way it is meant to. 

On top of that, exercise helps you keep your weight under control that can help your pancreas produce an ample amount of insulin to keep the blood sugar levels under control.
When you exercise, the sugar in your blood is utilized by the organs to keep them loaded with enough stamina and energy for muscle contraction. This can also help your body keep the blood sugar levels under control.

Your Fiber Intake Must be Kept High
The reason why Israel Figa stresses taking as many fibers as possible is that it is known for slowing down sugar absorption. On top of that, consuming fibers also slows down the process of digesting carbs. This is the reason why fibers are known for keeping the blood sugar levels under control to a point where they cause no harm to the diabetic patient.

Furthermore, fibers are also divided into two categories where the first one is known as soluble fibers and the other ones as insoluble fibers.

It has been proven through research that both type of fibers help control blood sugar levels but soluble fibers are known for keeping blood sugar levels lower than insoluble fiber intakes.

If you wish to keep your blood sugar levels under control, you must consume lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. 

Your Carb Intake Must be kept under Control
The reason why Israel Figa suggests consuming fewer carbs is that these are responsible for increasing blood sugar levels in one’s body.

When products containing carbs are consumed, the body breaks the carbs to extract the sugars from them that in most cases is glucose. That is when insulin comes into play by moving the sugars (glucose) into the cells present throughout your body.

When your diabetes and body either produce less or no insulin, then it can become a really big problem for the patient. When there is too much sugar to be pushed into cells and the insulin production is very low, the insulin fails to function properly. This can cause an increase in glucose levels in your body and can be the root cause of many other problems inside your body.

Therefore, one must always keep a track of their diet and carb intakes to ensure that the consumption is not overwhelming for insulin. One can always acquire proper carb intake diets as per their medical condition and blood group from the internet or from a sugar specialist and start following it.

Israel Figa’s Final Piece of Advice
At the end, Israel Figa addresses to the diabetic patients and families of the patients who are alongside them to fight off the disease. Unlike Cancer, diabetes is a controllable disease and if proper care is given, it can be kept under control to a point where its impact in one’s body becomes zero.

Israel Figa states that there are so many other ways to control diabetes but the ones listed are extremely important. If one manages to practice the above, then they will not have to know about other ways at all.