You’re in the flow, you’re doing your thing- nothing can stop you. But inflammation can certainly slow you down. Get on top of it before it gets on top of you. Consistent exposure to unfriendly elements (like pollution in the air we breathe), residual stress from the constant grind, or that old injury flaring up… again. Our lives catch up to us, for better or for worse, and when you think inflammation has caught up to you this is how you can slow it down- fast. 

Take Personal Inventory 

Are you a dedicated athlete? Yogi? Outdoor enthusiast? Maybe you’re just searching for a proactive remedy to keep the joint pain at bay. First thing first- inventory. Where is the inflammation coming from and when did it start? Inflammation is the body’s cue that something isn’t aligned. Recognize if the inflammation is chronic or if it’s a response to a new activity or stimulus. 


Introduce a daily habit that takes little time results in long-lasting, high reward. Invest in a natural anti-inflammatory. When people turn to over-the-counter quick fixes like Ibuprofen it does offer pain-relief... but not for long. Before you know it popping a morning white pill becomes a daily routine. You’re already doing it- make a switch. Supplements are an investment in your overall wellbeing.


Before opening another bottle of medication open up the refrigerator. There are certain foods that encourage a friendly reaction in the body and some that are foes. As they say, you are what you eat. Eliminate what isn’t working for you and increase what does. By taking control of your diet you can minimize the need for over-the-counter prescriptions that fail to offer long-term solutions. 

The Good: 

Healthy fats (avocado, olive oil)
Fish (and other trim proteins) 
Whole grains
Herbs and Spices (mint, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon)
Dark Chocolate 

These foods and spices are invigorated with The Good Stuff- like antioxidants, omega 3’s, and healthy minerals. Adding these superfoods to your diet can increase the nutrients that our body needs to fight off inflammation and increase immunity. 

The Not Great:

Heavily processed foods
Refined sugars

While these commonly found and quick foods fulfill us for a moment they don’t offer any true benefits to our overall wellness. In fact, they don’t perform anything positive at all. Our digestive system gets no assistance when working to digest sodium loaded fried foods, resulting in bloating and inflammation. These things are fine as a treat, hey- we’re all human, but by reducing these inflammation spiking snacks you can optimize functionality and that good feeling. 


It is suggested that we drink half of our body weight (in ounces) in water in order to keep everything moving just as it should. The human body is comprised of 60% water. So when we’re pounding back coffee and forgetting about H2O it’s not a surprise that our system responds in unfavorable ways. Headaches, joint aches, and less overall energy to support our active lifestyles- which can lead to carelessness, over-pushing, and injury. When we do drink the suggested amount of water necessary to do it all inflammation decreases, energy increases, and our overall well being is quenched. 

At the End of The Day...

When you compound solutions time and time again your body will thank you. You don’t have to slow down to catch up- minor changes will result in maximum results when you stick to an anti-inflammatory routine that benefits both body and mind. By reducing inflammatory triggers, through any (or all) methods listed above you can begin today to maximize your life.