Sober living houses, also known as Sober living environments or home, are facilitated with supportive and organized living conditions. These homes are for people who want to leave their drug addiction but have not completed the rehabilitation programs. 

These homes implement different methodologies to recover people from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Few of their services include social services, medical services, as well as maintaining a balanced environment. 

Despite all these services and facilities provided by the sober living houses, no one should go for Sober living options if they are in the middle of a rehabilitation program because sober living differs a lot from the rehabilitation programs.

Rules and Regulations of Living in Sober Homes
However, sober living has some particular house rules. They are listed as follows:
Residents would have to pay the rent.
It is a must for the residents to attend support programs and therapies.
All intoxicating substances are prohibited.
Regular house meetings are held for the safety and comfort of the residents.
Active participation in either work, school, or an outpatient program. 
No overnight guests are permitted. 
All residents should strictly abide by all the rules and regulations of the sober living homes.

Benefits of Living in Sober Homes
There are ample benefits of sober living homes. They provide shelter to people who need space to start a new life and enjoy this life rather than switching back to drugs and alcohol. Numerous therapies and activities in sober living allow the residents to stay away from all the intoxicants.

Apart from the regular remedial treatments, the residents are also obliged to perform certain social responsibilities like having a job, going to school, or participating in some activity or events as a volunteer.

Rent of Sober Living Homes
Renting a small room in a sober living home is like renting a simple flat but with more community engagement. Rent at a sober living home does not cost the same everywhere. The cost depends on the average rent in that particular area. Moreover, the rent varies from state to state. 

For instance, sober living homes generally cost $221 a week, approximately $884 a month in Florida. Meanwhile, it has been reported that it costs nearly $10000 a month to live at a sober living home in West Los Angeles. You can get a sober living home in less than $450 a month. 

Many people prefer living in an expensive sober living home with tons of amenities, including a swimming pool, gym, therapists, a variety of food, and many more. You can also rent a room in a sober living home and break it down into two sides. 

Breaking down a room will help you in finding a roommate with whom you can share the rent. With increased demand, sober living homes improve the quality of services being provided and provide value for each dollar you pay.

How do Residents Pay for Sober Living?
Opting for sober living, such as paying for medication and alcohol rehabilitation, may indicate a small creative budgeting and a great deal of diligent effort. Some people might have spent a lot on the drugs they consumed. 

These people find it difficult to bear the expenses of a room in a sober living home. However, we will discuss how you can pay for a room's rent in a sober living home.

1. Paying from Insurance 
Besides covering health expenses, health insurance companies also cover at least some costs related to drug addiction. Although this is an easy way to pay for the rent, it has some limitations as well. 

2. Paying Through the Sober Living Facility
Many sober living homes provide scholarships for some of their residents. Also, some of them charge you according to your financial status. This could also be considered as an option to pay the rent. 

3. Part-time Jobs
Another efficient way to pay for your rent is to find a part-time job. In addition to earning a few dollars, it would help you develop new skills and distract your mind from drugs like alcohol or marijuana. 

Generally, Sober living homes have shown some positive results and improved recovery records. Most residents have been dramatically improving the likelihood of long-term sobriety. So, if you want to get rid of bad habits and stop consuming drugs and alcohol, get your sober home booked right now.