We all long to have a healthy body and fulfilment in all areas of my life and we all of us do everything in our power to achieve it. If we are careful enough, we can prevent all types of diseases and conditions and enjoy the pleasures of good health.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the many conditions which are one the rise now due to contaminated food items, unhealthy lifestyle, weaker bodies, and the decreasing immune system.

It is only natural for a man to worry about this condition as it makes him unable to have erections at all, which are indispensable for making love to your partner successfully.

At times the symptoms of this condition may manifest themselves as weaker or softer erections, and a sudden, unexplained lack of interest in making love to your partner or your wife. 

Now erectile dysfunction is a serious condition for sure, but it does not have to drive you completely crazy as even if you suffer from this condition, there are different types of treatments such as Cenforce 100 which can give you relief from the condition quickly.

But no matter how many advanced treatments are available, prevention will always take precedence over a cure, so the best course of action is looking for ways to prevent erectile dysfunction in men.

We all know that the food we eat has the power to energize us, repair the wear and tear of our body, and boost your immune system. So it should not be surprising that you can do your bit in preventing erectile dysfunction by eating the right kinds of food regularly. 

Food Items That Help In The Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction in Men:

Green Leafy Vegetables:

Green Leafy vegetables should be a part of your everyday diet, as they are extremely beneficial to your health. Firstly, they are basically plant-leaves so they are free from various sugars which you often find in fruits.

So even if you are suffering from diabetes and high blood sugar levels (which often cause erectile dysfunction) you can easily include leafy greens to your diet.

There are a variety of leafy greens to choose from apart from the popular spinach and kales. Nowadays a lot of people are turning towards micro-greens as they are extremely rich in micro-nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which our bodies do not get easily.

Cabbages, Watercress, Collard greens, Beet greens, Romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, and Turnip Greens are some of the options that you can add to your diet for the good health of your sexual organs.

Agreed that eating leafy greens is great as they are rich in fibre, they have immense nutritional value, but if you want to eat them specifically for the prevention of erectile dysfunction then also the leafy greens have a lot of offer. 

Green leafy vegetables are rich in nitrates, and our body cannot make use of nitrates directly, but the nitrates are converted into nitric oxide and they widen the blood vessels promoting blood circulation. They mimic the working mechanism of medications such as Vidalista 20 which are prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 

Chocolate and Coffee

We all know someone who is a self-proclaimed coffee addict or chocolate-lover, if you don't know someone like that, it is highly likely that you are one!

Chocolate and Coffee are universally known as used by people, they make the ideal gifts and go-to beverage for most social settings.

Let's give you one more reason to drink coffee and eat chocolates, they are rich in flavonoids which promote blood circulation in the body and even improve the health of your heart.

But please ensure that you don't overdo it, and please eat dark chocolate, which tastes bitter, without any added sugar or milk, same goes for coffee.

Dark coffee and dark chocolate make up for exciting and healthy sexual functions.

Avocados, Apples, and Watermelon:

If you are fairly active on various social sites, I bet you have seen at least one person start his or her day with an Avocado toast and raving about its benefits. 

And rightly so, even for your sexual health, Avocados have great potential, they are rich in various nutrients, they promote your testicular health and even your sperm motility. 

Apples prevent you from prostate cancer, which is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction in men, but make sure you eat the peel of the apples, and it has the nutrients which prevent prostate cancer.

Watermelons do wonders for your sexual health as they are rich in nitrates and promote the blood circulation in your body. You can drink watermelon juice or eat the fruit, take it as you like. They make great additions to your diet in summers for the prevention of erectile dysfunction.

Adding these food items to your diet will prevent erectile dysfunction, but you can also try them to improve the symptoms if you already suffer from the condition. You can also add these items to your diet even if you are using medications such as Kamagra Oral Jelly for your treatment as they do not interact with it.

Make sure to keep rotating the items on a daily basis, and eating only one kind of food is likely to deprive your body of the nutrients that other food items offer. Keep your diet varied, healthy, and nutritious for the best of your entire body functions, along with the prevention of various sexual dysfunctions.