Although a great deal of measurement is taken to contain the COVID-19, epidemic viruses keep existing and extending globally, showing no significant downward trend. It is recommended that companies and other public areas improve hand hygiene awareness by setting up hand hygiene stations at entrances before starting your jobs according to the World Health Organization.  

Virus can be transferred through direct and indirect ways. Sanitizing your hands, indeed, is an effective way to protect yourself from the virus environment as vaccine development is still carrying out. 

You may come out with a thought that washing hands will solve all the problems. But you're ignoring the possibility that bacteria may remain on the surface of all objects you come into contact with during washing. Obviously, washing hands is not the only optimal choice. Why not investing in infrared sensor hand hygiene stations to reduce the risk of being sick and absenteeism for your employees? Here are some tips for you to maximize your effectiveness by placing the hand sanitizing stations correctly.

Meeting workplace 

The meeting room is always one of the most frequent places for staff to use, no matter for the discussion of business events or greeting new clients. Meeting workplace is such a place that germs and viruses can exchange and spread through social behaviors such as shaking hands and talking face to face. Besides, the cold air in the meeting room gives the comfortable environment for virus to survive, and the low humidity helps them stay longer. Placing a hand hygiene station near doors or desks which are easy to access is considered to be a good option.

It not only keeps their hands out of bacteria but also leaves a professional impression on your guests and employees that you are a considerate leader both in life and in jobs, conveying them that it is a reliable company. The hand hygiene station of SVAVO would be a good helper for this situation.


It is the place that everybody must go through and also the crowded place with a high risk of exposure to the virus and germs when the clock in and clock off. The problem is that the virus can even live on the surface – door handles, for up to two days. Except for the door handle, you can acquire the virus by having a hand-to-hand contact with visitors or coworkers who have a cold or by using shared subjects such as the lift buttons, light switch, and computer keyboards.

So it is necessary to set a hand hygiene station to these spots to decrease the risk of infection by germs, ensuring the germs don’t be transferred to any other places at the source.

Break-room areas

One of the reservoir for illness-causing germs in the office is the break room. Staffs always have their lunch in it, and it is said if the food is touched with dirty hands, it will be a breeding ground for germs that is easy for people to swallow them and become infected with several diseases. A hand hygiene station for break rooms can help hand sanitize and eliminate some bacteria. Touchless infrared hand hygiene from SVAVO maybe is the right choice for you to reassure your employees to eat their meal at ease and safe.

Cash counter

Paper money is a trade exchange item that many people will touch and put it into different places that you can hardly imagine. More than hundreds of bacteria and germ can survive on paper money, which could make your employees get sick if they accidentally pick up the virus on their nose, tongue, or eye. It is essential for them to clean hands, especially after dealing with paper money. 

Constantly leaving seats for hands washing with soap is a nuisance and affects work efficiency. Setting up a hand hygiene station near the cashier or financial department would be an excellent reminder to keep hands clean, significantly reducing infection rates. 


Most businesses now encourage their workers to use hand hygiene stations regularly for a healthier working environment. Placing a hand hygiene station requires you to look for critical locations. The spots that are easy to access and places with high traffic and communal always are the best place to place hygiene stations to call attention for hand sanitization.

Here at SVAVO, a professional manufacturer is good at producing a one-stop sensor infrared disinfectant station with a design patent. With large sterilizer capacity and durable appearance, it is a suitable hygiene station for all kinds of occasions and prevents the spread of germs for your company. If you are interested in learning more, please check their website and feel free to quote them.