Does the company offer lab reports that are easy to understand and access? 

There are companies such as Endoca, who know that their products are high quality and are proud to publish their lab reports, they want consumers to have access to all of their information quickly and easily. Take a moment to do a quick search of a company website or talk directly to their customer service for more information about lab reports. It is important that you know which cannabinoids are listed in addition to the absence of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Always buy CDB oil from a reputable company.

Are their products 100% whole plant and organic? 

If a product is certified to be organic, you'll see the official logo on the product and website. There are those companies that do grow organically but may not have a certification, this is not an ideal situation for the consumer, however it can be quickly rectified by quickly researching over various lab reports to find negative levels of toxins and chemicals. 

Anecdotal reports as well as several research reports stand by the fact that a whole plant CBD extract is highly more potent and therapeutic than that of isolated CBD extracts. You want to ensure that the product you're considering purchase has a lab report that shows evidence of terpene as well as other trays cannabinoid levels or you may find yourself purchasing an isolated CBD product, meaning that the company is only used in a CBD molecule in a carrier oil without other significant plant molecules. 

Has the CBD amount of the product been clearly labeled and verified? 

Considering the fact that the industry has yet to be standardized, CBD levels as well as bottle sizes are solely dependent upon the company, meaning as a consumer it is hard to tell if you are getting good value for your money. This calculator will allow you to understand the financial cost per milligram of CBD, is extremely important when trying to choose the correct product. 

Are correct standards in place? 

When a company chooses to ignore standards in the quality of their products, there is no way to identify if the product you are purchasing will be safe. Therefore, it is important to contact the company and ask if all of their products are certified with Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP. Additionally, you may want to ask if they have any other certifications proving that their product is safe for consumption. 

Does their website offer clear and concise information as well as consumer reviews? 

We must understand that CBD is still a fairly new industry for many people, with a host of misinformation available online including many official CBD websites. Unfortunately, it is rather easy to buy CBD in bulk quantities and rebranding it as your own, leaving you the consumer with shreds of information and half-truths. Additionally, it is essential to find online sources with truthful product reviews to understand the overall experience of other users in regards to the product.