Every year on 10th October World Mental Health Day is celebrated to increase the awareness for mental health. We all have seen in recent times a lot of discussion around mental health. The conversation is much needed. Even the World Health Organisation knows that. We all are careful about our physical health and do a lot for prevention, but none of us even once talk about mental health or how we are feeling. 

For all those who are working in this direction, this day was recognised by the World Health Organisation. It is observed to add more people for the cause and start a discussion so that voices reach many. We do have some part to play in this direction and must help our friends and all those who are in need. 

There is a lot one could do to start the discussion and get engaged in the conversation around mental health on 10th October. Let’s take a look at what role can you play this October as an individual. You can buy health insurance online at a discounted price and make sure that it covers all types of illness including mental illness.  

Spreading Awareness

Workshop: It is important to remember that mental health is common. A lot of people are going through a bad phase. To understand this better you can attend a workshop. A lot of virtual workshops would be happening on 10th October, a lot of them would be free. You can enrol in one of the workshops and take value from it. The workshop will surely help you in some way. You not only have to take care of your health but attending a workshop will let you know how to deal with others. There is a common problem that people face when dealing with a person suffering from mental illness. A workshop could be the answer to some common question.

Talk to people: Another vital part you can play is by reaching out to your friends and family. You never know your one call can lighten someone’s day. It is necessary to check on your friends. Reach out to all the people you can. 

Join a program: A lot of organisation are working in the direction of mental health. You can volunteer for one of these. By joining the cause, you can serve in the course of mental health and can be part of the growing revolution. 

Self-care: A critical part of mental health is self-care. You can keep this day aside for yourself and do what you like. Make this day pleasurable for yourself. If we all focus on self-care then we will soon be living in a happy world. Get health insurance for yourself and start the self-care by protecting your future. 

Social Media: Social Media is turning out to be a great tool for spreading awareness. Use your social media handle at its full potential to start a discussion around mental health. You must also participate in the discussions going on.