Green chemistry comprises designing products and processes that will eliminate or reduce the use or making of substances that are harmful to living things and the environment. It is also known as sustainability chemistry.

So, how can green chemistry impact my beauty routine?
Well, it will ensure that the beauty products you use have been designed and processed to reduce or eliminate the production of hazardous substances.

Has Safe-to-use products
Green chemistry will ensure that your beauty routine products are safe to use. This is because the products are made using ingredients and processes that have or produce minimal harmful substances.

Therefore, your beauty routine will contain ingredients that are safer on you and that will produce functional results. These include using plant-derived ingredients such as castor, soy, corn, coconut and rapeseed in making natural cosmetic products.

You will not be worried about harsh chemicals as you use the products.

Produces Environmental Friendly Products
Green chemistry is focused on using environmentally friendly products that reduce environmental impact and are sustainable.

So, as you take your beauty routine, you are assured that you are using products that are not causing harm to the environment.

The ingredients used to make beauty products are natural while the processes produce less harmful substances, which promote sustainability.

You can find makeup manufacturers who are producing green chemistry products.

Use of Fewer Products
The fewer products you use on your beauty routine, the less packaging is needed, and fewer ingredients are used. Go for multi-purpose products. For example, you can use a combined powder foundation or use your eyebrow pencil as eyeliner.

This will mean less harm to the environment.

Make the Beauty Routine Simpler
Do you need all the beauty products you are using? With green chemistry, there is a need to reduce waste as much as possible. The less you use, the less the waste.

Try to use only the products that you need. You may find that the products have similar ingredients, and you don’t need some of them. You may not need all those serums and creams you are using. You may only need the cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

Besides, a simple beauty routine takes less time and will cost you less.
Also, don’t overuse the products. Only apply what you need to reduce wastage and to use them longer.

Use Sustainable Products for Your Beauty Routine
Green chemistry is about sustainability. If being sustainable is important to your life, be sure to choose eco-friendly beauty routine products. If you are already using other products, replace them with green chemistry alternatives. You could start small with products you have less brand loyalty to such as hand and body soaps. Then you can go on to replace facial products one at a time as you deplete your current supply.

Focus on one product, research on it and find a sustainable alternative. Before the product you are using runs out, check for online reviews, visit beauty shops, get samples of sustainable products and test them.
Find out the ingredients used to make the products. Sustainable products are made using organic or natural ingredients. Their production and packaging are environmentally friendly.

Examples of natural products are algae, cocoa butter, beeswax and vegetable oils.

Avoid those made from microbeads and microplastics such as polyethylene and petroleum derivatives such as propylene glycol, paraffin oil and ethylene