For centuries, healthy hair has been a priority to humans. There's nothing as crippling as having to itch your hair outdoors or pay it in an attempt to avoid pulling the hair right out of its roots. Hair is your crown and it is imperative that we treat the crown with care but what are the things to look out for in a healthy shampoo? 

Toxic Ingredients to Watch Out For
Always check out the ingredients at the back of the products. Most times, the list can be quite confusing and leave you spellbound. Some of the celebrity chemical names are: 

— Sulfates
Due to the outcry of the public and criticisms, some companies have removed this from their products. So you'll see the tag "sulfate free" slapped on the body. There is a reason certain people raised the fire alarm and it's because sulfates harm your hair more you can imagine. They are cleansing agent in the shampoo otherwise known as the lather or chemical detergents. 

Like any detergent, it cleanses the scalp as effectively as possible. However, it is over effective. It strips off natural hair oil and replaces it with dry itchy scalp. Research states that sulfate contains dioxane which causes kidney dysfunction. It has also been linked to breast cancer. 

— Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and Parabens

Polyethylene is a form of plastic, which becomes a sticky liquid when mixed with glycol. These are chemical ingredients that are also used in shampoos that based on research is causing hypersensitivity to skin. Some people have allergic reactions to it. These also causes skin irritation and toxicity. The contaminant have been found to cause issues with the liver and kidneys, so it's better to avoid it. 
— Phenoxyethanol

This is a preservative used in most hair care products like shampoos. Unfortunately, it can be toxic to human organ skin, cause skin and eye irritation. This has also been banned from usage in Japan. 
There are others to look out for but these are the most prominent. Now for some natural or pure products that make hair shiny and moisturized. 

Natural Products That Helps Your Hair
— Apple Cider Vinegar       
Apple Cider Vinegar shampoos have natural properties that balanced pH levels of the hair and scalp to combat issues like scalp flakes, dryness, and issues. 

Apple Cider Vinegar makes detangling of hair easier with less frizz. It also protects the scalp against bacteria and fungal growth. Best part, it does not include any chemicals!

— Argan Oil
Argan Oil shampoos repairs damages and helps restore hair strand vitality to thicken hair shafts. It can be used to treat frizzy hair, split ends and itchy scalp caused by dandruff or dry scalp. 
— Vitamins
Vitamins help restore damaged hair that may have been depleted of its nutrients from extended use of harmful chemicals and the likes.

— Almond Oil
This oil contains oleic and linoleic acid, which promotes hair resilience. It slows down hair loss, which is essential thereby promoting hair growth. With its natural antioxidant, using it to wash your hair would combat stress. This in turn makes the hair look healthy. For centuries, almond oil has been to treat scalp conditions like scalp psoriasis in Chinese and ayurvedic medicine.  

We have others like Nettle leaf extracts, Saw Palmetto Extracts which has amazing results when used. Individually, each product works magnificently but together, they are magic. The gift of healthy shampoo is the fact that each product can be mixed together to concoct something good. You no longer have to buy products without understanding anything written on the bottle. You are armed with information and can make better decisions for your hair from now on. Healthy hair goes farther than just your scalp but also affects your entire well being.