CBD bath bombs are a relatively new form of CBD, but they have caught many people’s attention, exploding in popularity in the last few years.

CBD bath bombs look like, smell like, and are used in precisely the same way as regular bath bombs. The only difference between CBD bath bombs and the more traditional bath bombs that we are all used to is CBD's addition, making them one of the easiest ways to add a little extra CBD into your day. 

A widespread use of CBD bath bombs is to help manage anxiety. For many people, when they are feeling stressed or anxious, taking the time to unwind in a calming bath can really help. Traditional bath bombs have always been a popular way to enhance even the most boring of baths.

A number of studies have shown that CBD can be used to help manage and reduce anxiety in some situations. Combining the anxiety-reducing properties of bath bombs and CBD is a concept that therefore makes a lot of sense.
So, how exactly so CBD bath bombs work, and where can you find the best CBD bath bombs for reducing anxiety?

How Do CBD Bath Bombs Work?
In order to truly understand how CBD bath bombs work, it is essential to understand the difference between CBD topicals and oral CBD. CBD bath bombs are a type of topical, meaning that they are absorbed through the surface layers of the skin.

When consuming CBD in the form of oils, capsules, and edibles, the CBD contained within these products enters your bloodstream and is transferred around your body, allowing it to affect all areas. With CBD topicals, this is not the case, and the CBD within a given topical can only affect the parts of the body that it is applied to. Products such as CBD creams can, therefore, be somewhat limited in their area of effectiveness.

CBD bath bombs have one major advantage over other CBD topicals in that almost your entire body soaks in the bathwater allowing the CBD within your bath to be absorbed and affect the majority of your body. As a result of being able to impact such a large surface area, CBD bath bombs are among the simplest yet effective ways to treat anxiety with topicals.

Why Use CBD Bath Bombs?
There are many reasons you should consider CBD bath bombs over other CBD products, such as oils. For those who already take other CBD products as a more general dietary supplement, CBD topicals such as bath bombs provide a way to boost your cannabinoid levels without actually impacting your internal balance.

Another reason why CBD bath bombs are so effective is because of how relaxing they are to use. Most people associate bath bombs with calming atmosphere and having a chance to unwind and switch off from reality. Combining everything that people love about bath bombs with the anxiety-reducing properties of CBD can be an excellent way to boost the effects of both.

Where to Find the Best CBD Bath Bombs for Reducing Anxiety
PureKana's fun range of CBD-infused bath bombs is an excellent place to start, allowing you to experience CBD's calming properties in relaxing bath bomb form. One of the wonderful things about PureKana bath bombs is the varied range available, with each one providing a very different experience.

Among the many options, PureKana has an activated charcoal bath bomb for a calming bath that is packed with CBD as well as cleansing charcoal to help you care for your skin and relax at the same time. PureKana also has a beautifully scented almond and coconut bath bomb – perfect for those times when you simply want to switch off.

All of PureKana’s bath bombs are made using 100% natural ingredients, including USA-grown, organic hemp plants. Using a base of baking soda, sea salt, and sunflower oil, all of PureKana’s bath baths have a therapeutic feel to them, turning your bathroom into a home spa.

PureKana uses natural vitamin-rich ingredients such as organic shea butter, almond coconut oil, and rose absolute oil to give each bath bomb its unique appearance and scent. Other bath bomb options include Midnight Rose, Cucumber, and Eucalyptus.

Each bath bomb has its own unique coloring and appearance so that each bath feels different, leaving you feeling excited as you drop the bath bomb into the water and watch as it starts to fizz.

PureKana’s CBD-infused bath bombs are an excellent way to unwind and soak up a healthy CBD dose, whether looking to tackle anxiety or simply enhance your bath.