Being on your toes all day, every day can take its toll on your feet. But because this is something unavoidable in your line of work and in your daily routine, what you can do is counter with steps to relieve for feet through VaricoBooster products, supplements and simple remedies. 

Steps To Relieve Sore Feet 
1. Fatigue And Pain Foot Balms And Creams 
One of the quickest remedies for sore feet is to apply a balm or cream base pain reliever. Such topicals are usually fast-acting and are safe even for constant usage. Before you grab that ingestible pain-killer, choose this option first. 

2. Your Feet Need Massages, Too 
You may not be one for massages but if your feet frequently feel sore to the point of utter discomfort even when you’re seated, try giving it a massage. Or better yet visit a foot spa and ask for a foot massage service. 

Aside from alleviating your feet of strain, an add-on benefit to these massages is that they improve blood circulation. Poor blood circulation is among the reasons why inflammation often occurs. 

It also relieves tension on the soles and balls of your feet, which leads to more relaxed muscles in these areas. 

3. Strength Exercises 
We don’t necessarily mean weightlifting. The purpose of doing strength exercises is to let your bones and joints be toughened so that when weight and pressure are applied to them, they’ll be able to handle it. 

Some low-impact strength exercises for the feet are toe pointing and curling, rolling a tennis ball under the arch of each foot, flexing, etc. 

4. Time To Change Your Shoes 
Check whether your shoes are causing foot pain. Shoes that are completely flat and don’t have arches, tight-fitting pairs, sneakers with soles that have been blunted over time, and the like. It might be time to get a new pair. 

For women who love wearing heels, these types of shoes, especially when worn for long periods, will cause not only soreness bust blisters and callus as well. So try not to wear them everyday. Additionally, avoid wearing the same pair of shoes on a daily basis. Alternate them with at least one other set. 

5. Ice Rolling 
Another remedy you can do is to roll ice underneath your feet. You can put a few pieces of ice cubes in a plastic bag, tie it, and gently rub the bag on from your heel to your toe. The coolness of the ice bag will aid with inflammation and thus reduce pain.  More than this, you can also freeze a bottle of water and utilize that instead. 

6. Arch Supports 
Here’s a more costly type of reliever--- arch supports. They’re a kind of foot corrector so that when you wear them as you walk, run, jump, you name it, your feet will be supported to prevent pain. Be warned, though. It may have a heft price tag because it’s usually customizable according to each owner’s foot size.