Smelly feet can be terribly embarrassing. At times sweat from feet keep does not dry because of poor quality socks and shoes. The bacteria on the skin thrives on this sweat together with the dead skin cells to produce the awful stink.
Bad odour can also result from infections like the nail fungus or athletes foot.Yeast infections and stress also provoke increased sweating which causes bacterial growth and bad odour. Bromodosis, the medical term for smelly feet, is easy to treat and prevent by following the below easy tips.

Tips for preventing smelly feet.
1. Good hygiene
Properly and thoroughly clean your feet at least two times a day. Use warm water, soap, and a foot scrubber to ensure you properly clean your feet. Ensure while cleaning you scrub off any dead skin cells from your feet. Do not forget to also wash-down in between the toes as this is where sweat mostly accumulates.
Ensure that you keep your toenails short and clean. It will go a long way in the prevention of nail fungus infections.
Change your socks daily. Never wear a pair of socks for two days without cleaning them. You should also ensure that your stockings are completely dry before putting them on. Check on the material of your socks. Preferably go for cotton socks that allow your feet to get enough fresh air and breathe well. Avoid socks made from silk material.
You may also want to look for deodorant insoles for your shoes. Believe it or not, few cloves in your shoes can also do the trick.
Use antifungal and antibacterial medicated soaps for your foot scrubs.
Prepare a foot bath from either Listerine, vinegar or even ginger paste. Take some ginger and make a paste, boil the paste in a cup of water for 10 minutes, drain the water and apply the paste onto your feet. Leave overnight and clean your feet in the morning. 
You may also need to sprinkle baking soda in your shoes before wearing them.

2. Wear leather sandals and open shoes rather than trainers and boots. Free shoes will reduce the sweating of your legs and keep the odours at bay.

3. Alternate your shoes. Do not use the same footwear for three or four days continuously. Get some spare shoes and always ensure you clean the foot ware thoroughly and dry it completely before you wear them.

4. Apply talcum powder or surgical spirit to your feet before you wear socks. Again, remember to apply this between your toes.

5. Regularly check for fungal infections in your feet. They may manifest in the form of loose scaly skin, red skin or white areas. In case you find these symptoms, get antifungal medications from your pharmacy or consult your general physician. 

In closing, stinky feet are embarrassing to anyone affected. The good news is that proper general hygiene and a few tips from grans remedy will save you from this humiliation. Also, remember to keep your shoes and socks dry before wearing them. And don’t forget to go for thick cotton socks that will not only absorb any sweat from your feet but also allow your toes to breathe.