The human body is indeed ruled in a complex manner, where each parameter is linked with the other. All the functions taking place in it are ruled by the hormonal levels. Either deficiency or over the release of any of the hormone is undesirable to maintain homeostasis. Hormone replacement therapy has been gaining popularity in the past few years due to its effectiveness in treating the hormonal imbalance. Given below are the 10 things to know about hormone replacement Atlanta:

1. Conditions such as sweat in the middle of the night, anxiety, painful sex, mood swings, etc. are indications that the hormones are imbalanced. Basically, these are the symptoms of menopause, during which the female body stops producing hormones. Considering this, the doctor might suggest hormone replacement. 

2. There are certain limits put on the hormone replacement therapy by the authorities, which overrules the misconception that all women require it during their menopause to prevent heart stroke, bone loss, etc. however, as per new guidelines, doctors must advise its lowest dose for a shorter time so as to prevent complications. Some women have even shown developing cardiovascular diseases due to hormone replacement.

3. It has been found that hormone replacement could put a threat on the women’s life if she was diagnosed with any kind of hormone-sensitive cancer. Heart disease, migraine headaches, slurring of speech, etc. are the other conditions which do not favour hormone replacement. 

4. Hormone replacement therapy is of two types. One, with estrogen alone and the other one, is the combination of progesterone and estrogen. Depending upon the condition of the uterus, the doctor suggests the one suiting the best. 

5. There are a number of ways in which the hormone replacement can be incorporated. It can be taken in the form of pills or tablets on the recommendation of the doctor. Sprays, gels, creams, etc., are other forms in which this therapy can be availed. 

6. The need for hormone replacement therapy varies from one woman to others and so the duration as well. Some might need for a longer time when the symptoms are worst, and some might require it for a short duration. However, the hormonal levels should be re-evaluated at every visit. 

7. Hormone replacement though, is effective to cure the menopausal symptoms but could take an evil turn for a few women. The women who notice signs of shortness of breath, blurred vision, numbness, etc. should not continue this therapy. Clotting of blood, the appearance of lumps in the breast, swelling in the calves, etc. are some of the danger signs that should not be ignored. 

8. If someone has a family history of hormone associated with cancer, then it is better to avoid taking this therapy. There are other drugs such as antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs that can help relieve menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, seizures, nerve pain, etc. Thus, these drugs can be regarded as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. 

9. If someone is feared of the after-effects of this therapy and other allopathic drugs, then there are natural options available too for treating the hormone abnormalities. Blach cohosh, Dong quai, kava, valerian, etc. are some of the natural herbs that can be consumed. However, it is always advised to ask for a doctor’s recommendation before commencing any alternative product. 

10. Seeing the right doctor is certainly important to go for such therapies. A gynaecologist or even a primary care doctor can decide what kind of hormone replacement therapy would be better for you. The doctor will screen your medical history before advising you to go for therapy. Hormone replacement Atlanta could be a really good option to choose, as the practitioners here are very efficient. 

Looking at the pros and cons of this therapy, one can think about whether to go with it or not. There are many women who opt for this treatment to overcome their menopausal pain, treat bone loss, etc. and this treatment has indeed proved to be wonders for them. Everyone cannot face the same problem and same body type. Thus, it is better to let the doctor decide over it. Hormone replacement Atlanta is something that you must consider.