Do you know the main lists of medical specs in Singapore?

Pregnancy Specialists

For women, conditions where their intimates are influenced are a very widely taken care of in women's health clinics. Breast cancer is the most dangerous type of cancer which kills the greatest number of women each year in Singapore. 

The importance of routine mammogram screening cannot be highlighted more. Survival rates increase dramatically with earlier detection. Women aged 40 & above are firmly encouraged to opt for consistent mammogram examinations. Moreover, it's hugely recommended for women to regularly go for pap smear screening as well. 

Pap smears assess specifically for signs of cervical cancers and are best check a minimum 5 days after a women's menstrual cycle comes to an end. This service can be available, along with treatment for ovarian cysts, at PK Women's Clinic.

In Singapore, having a baby is a big decision.

To fully guarantee the pregnancy procedure progresses along without threat to the safety of mother & baby, gynaecologists work with a sizable suite of providers to provide help to women which might be trying to have a child. These expert services are available in the form of assessments as well as regular examining like fertility screenings, pregnancy bundles, fetal abnormality tests to safeguard a peaceful and uneventful pregnancy. These assessments cover examinations & checks on your current state of wellbeing, health record and medical past and to address any threats to getting pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy. Talk to your gynaecologists for even more details on pregnancy designing.


ENT Specialists (sometimes known as Otolaryngologists), or “Ear Nose and Throat” specialists, see persons that experience ailments in the ear, nose and throat regions. They also help patients that suffer from problems of the head and neck region. For individuals that are afflicted by these conditions, it is highly recommended that you seek the diagnosis and medical opinion of an otolaryngologist.

Otolaryngologists are the medical professionals who perform a selection of surgical procedures in and around the ENT area. These can be medically required surgery procedures to remove dangerous tumours or repair injuries due to accident, but might also encompass procedures for beauty purposes with the intention to improve the appearance of the requestor. Rhinoplasty (alternatively called a "nose job") is one of these surgeries that can done for cosmetic or reconstructive in purpose. The price of a nose job may differ between $9,000-11,500 and is not mitigated by insurance coverage for cosmetic reasons.


An Ophthalmologist is defined as doctor who can treat problems that strike in the eye, retina and macula, as well as performing procedures. Ophthalmologists are able to perform a full assortment of eye care procedures, including checks for myopia, and are specialized to perform a number of surgical procedures that can remedy eye-related conditions, such as cataracts procedures.

The possibility of having cataracts becomes greater as you get older. When it occurs, your vision starts to get misty and sense of sight is impeded. There is only one long lasting solution for cataracts, & it requires cataract surgery. There exist 2 main types of cataract procedures in Singapore, normal or laser. Judgement regarding the patient's suitability for a picked surgical procedure type should only be decided by highly experienced eye medical practitioners.

Cataract removal surgical procedures are highly mitigated at government medical institutions and the SNEC. The most commonplace eye surgical procedure residents of our little red dot will have to experience, it is estimated that an approximate 8 in 10 of residents will require this surgery in their life spans. Unintentional trauma and age can lead a transformation in the lens of the eye, inciting proteins to break down and cluster in groups. These clusters of tissue veil the lens and cause hazy vision. Thanks to progress in medical science, cataracts are now curable with contemporary surgical procedures. Request medical advice from a eye doctor or ophthalmologist if you encounter cloudy vision and an increasing sensitivity to strong lights.

Growing older is certainly one of the leading factors for modifications in the tissues inside the eye, increasing the chance of somebody forming a degenerative eye sickness as we grow older. Maintaining a common eye assessment routine with the ophthalmologist could appreciably increase the chance of you finding out if any problem which can rob you of eyesight you enjoy. In Singapore, a regular session with an eye specialist is estimated to cost $350 - 500 per session.

Men’s Health and Sex Specialists

Although it is widely known when many folks may erroneously recognise males and female's health medical practitioners to be GPS, it's important to be in the know of: they do not treat acute problems, and only an even more precise array of abnormalities. Often, they deal with sexual wellbeing for all men's and women's concerns. Typically, these centres supply a wide selection of wellness screening tests, for example HIV screening as well as STD screening. Every one of the screenings you undergo on the subject of sexual health are greatly confidential. The attending staff and doctor must be hugely aware of this and also make sure these data shouldn't be revealed.

HIV tests are carried out by a physician utilizing a HIV test kit. The screening process will also require the drawing of the patient's blood test. Many trials are instant which enable them to produce outcomes quickly, while some tests and samples could possibly need to be dispatched to a laboratory for further checking. A complete set of STD assessments in sunny Singapore costs around $300 for urine & blood examinations. These clinics also have specific treatments focusing on males or females.

Most therapies for males have got to do with their virility along with performance in bed, that could drop when they mature older. Drugs to induce vasodilation like Cialis are commonly recommended by men's health doctors. Along with breakthroughs in modern-day medicine, clinical doctors currently have sophisticated techniques for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. An illustration of this is the application of ultrasound technology in the treatment solution of erectile dysfunction.