In Singapore, aesthetic procedures have become increasingly accepted in the last 5 years. Up till recent times, it was deemed an indicator of insecurity for a lady to go for cosmetic enhancements, much less guys. Having said all these, aesthetic procedures still have naysayers. 

The field has come to the level where treatments that were believed to be uncomfortable and drawn out have become extremely fast - certain procedures need barely 20 mins to be performed! This Southeast Asian city’s doctors and beauty scene are rapidly catching up with Seoul - the mecca of plastic surgeries.


Many people in Southeast Asia desire being double eyelids. To produce this type of effect, women typically try for eyelid markers to have provisional double eyelids. Surgeons who specialize in plastic surgery and perform a double eyelid surgery know pretty much that the only way to secure long-lasting double eyelids in Singapore is through this procedure.

A double eyelid operation is performed is regarded as a comparably simple cosmetic procedure that comprises of achieving a twin fold through incising and stitching eyelids. The eyelid specialist will select if suturing or cutting is optimal for your case.

Considering that it’s an uncomplicated surgical operation, it probably takes a skilled plastic doctor no more than ½ hr to be done.
Another type of Blepharoplasty is Ptosis surgery. This surgery is performed on a drooping upper eyelid. (

Breast Augmentation Surgery
Despite the fact that the modern lady understands that plenty goes into being attractive than just beauty alone, traits as superficial as breast size still has a place. larger boobs are a lot more than just being a treat to the eyes when it comes to looking shapely in that tight tank top, it’s also a psychological boost of pride for many Singaporean females.. Bust augmentation is a surgical option that doctors utilise to a lady’s boob size. 
Silicone bust enlargement is viewed as the most surgical procedure around. This is a rather complicated operation and will create a scarring caused by the incision, which is harmlessly concealed underneath the fold of the breasts. The average Ministry-of-Health approved doctors are not allowed to carry out this procedure and only plastic surgery specialists in Singapore are legally licensed to carry out bust augmentation. Singapore has very clear, distinct and tight laws created by MOH to regulate cosmetic surgery. Boob enhancement is expensively and specialist clinics charge a base price of ten thousand dollars. Well known surgeons are known to charge around 26 thousand dollars for the same procedure.

Pico lasers
Picolasers are the freshest addition to every aesthetic professional's arsenal and have the ability to discharge bursts of energy in picoseconds. Commonly used in the pigmentation removal procedure, picosecond lasers can similarly be used for a variety of different conditions. Conditions correlated to pigmented skin, take for example, freckles and even darkened underarm folds may benefit from using a variety of picolasers.
Picosecond lasers operate by breaking down the pigmentation or tattoo deposits present in the skin into tinier fragments with potent shots of laser energy. Your body then cleans up the pieces of broken up pigmentation using the immune system. The potential to cause injury of the pico laser makes it a controlled procedure restricted to licensed doctors can provide in Singapore. Picolaser procedures don't have any substantial downtime. Patients are fit to go about their daily activities as they would normally. Redness around the treatment location may be observed following treatment. This typically goes away within 24 hours of the treatment. Cost: $350-$1200/procedure, 3-6 sessions suggested.

Pimple Scar Treatment
Acne can result in several types of scarring. Multiple types can afflict on the same person. Scars that appear as an outcome of acne are considered to be the trickiest dermal issues to reliably solve, simply due to the number of different variations of scars acne can produce, and the complexity of treatment. To further complicate the things, difficulty of variables considered during the acne scar removal procedures is additionally compounded because each individual's skin contains individual conditions apparent only upon close observation that could possibly sway the targeted effect of the treatment. Acne can result in a number of kinds of scars. Multiple types can be produced on the same area of skin, and each individual type of scar comes with its own optimal treatment protocol.

Although it’s tempting to believe there might be perfect removal treatment that can effectively remove all acne scars, but it simply doesn't. For any good doctor looking to produce the best results, the first step should be to plan an action plan for the optimal treatment to best treat the various types of acne scarring the individual may suffers from. Set an appointment with your trusted aesthetics or skin clinic for a customised plan to resolve the scars that affect you. Various tools, techniques and procedures are mastered during the treatment of acne scarring. These involve lasers, chemical peels, subcisions and excisions. Costs, Mild to medium severity: $1700-$3450, Severe: $2500-$6300