How often have we heard an enterprising young woman talk about how her career is her priority? Chances are too often. In this fast life where slowing down is akin to failure, women are going all in to have successful personal and professional lives at any cost. 

These costs sometimes include the negatives they are doing to their health in the pursuit of having the best of everything. We are talking about the best bodies, the best careers, the best relationships, the best vacations and so on. 

One very important area, which women tend to ignore, is their health!

Ignoring your health for too long can lead to serious medical conditions sometimes down the line. You must have noticed that leading highly stressful lives is resulting in young people also suffering from cardiac arrest, diabetes, and hypertension and so on. 

List of 5 Serious Health Mistakes Women should avoid making

1. Not getting enough or adequate sleep-

Many of us fail to realize that our body also needs rest to regenerate and recuperate. When we sleep, the cells repair themselves and the organs take rest. Sleeping is our body’s natural process that allows us to function at our optimum levels. 

Getting adequate sleep is necessary if you want to have a life free from health conditions. However, many women are guilty of sacrificing their sleep. They prioritize everything over their sleep. After a point, this neglect will start showing in serious medical conditions.

2. Not going to regular check-ups with a doctor-

Issues like breast cancer, cervical cancer, PCOS, bone density, etc. are medical issues only affecting women. This is why it is important to schedule regular health check-ups at periodic intervals. Even if you cannot make it once a month, you should definitely try to get it done once every three months. 

Women need to remember that early detection is critical when it comes to health. If unfortunately, you or your loved one has been affected, you can easily go for breast cancer treatment in Singapore. Early detection and expert medical care can help favorably. 

3. Not exercising regularly-

Most women, who suffer from issues like PCOS, are guilty of not exercising regularly. Women have hectic daily routines and are unable to take out time for themselves. With overworked professional lives and families, it is impossible to take out time to exercise. 

However, it is important to engage at least with the basics. This means that you should start simple and continue the process, without giving up. Walking for at least one hour daily, doing yoga, meditation and so on are simple, easy and can be done from your home. 

4. Not cutting down on alcohol and cigarettes-

The stresses of professional lives have made young people look to unhealthy areas to let off some steam. Alcohol and cigarettes are two areas, where most people are spending too much money as well as throwing their health considerations away. 

Skipping food throughout the day, a night out drinking till the wee hours, gorging on greasy and unhealthy junk food is something all of us are guilty of doing at some point or the other. However, in many cases, this is becoming quite normalized and is dangerous for our health. 

5. Not listening to nutritionists and health experts-

Doing health-related issues, the old-fashioned way is good for women. This means getting physical appointments, being tested and seeking help from trained medical practitioners. Most of us are guilty of listening to social media influencers are going on crash diet plans. 

Women need to understand that everyone has their own body construction. What works for someone, might not necessarily work for you as well. This is why do not listen to the unrealistic diet plans being dished out by influencers on social media. 


Health is something, which should be non-negotiable for women under any circumstances. By avoiding the five mistakes on the list, women can start making the first steps towards a healthy life. If you think you can add to the list of mistakes, feel free to do so in the comments section below.