A business is nothing without the people that run it. Because of this, business owners and managers exert effort to attract only the best people from the labor market. Many offer sign-on bonuses on top of already competitive compensation packages. To be frank, this is just fair. If a business demands so much in terms of competencies and experience, they should be ready to pay, right? 

Attracting people is one thing, making them stay is truly another. The work environment must be pleasant, supportive and welcoming so that people will want to continue to be there. Employers must take care of issues such as workplace bullying and politics in order to create an ideal work environment. 

Perks can also be given to entice people to stay. In this article, we present three health-related perks that companies can give to their employees.

Free meals

In order for them to be really productive, people must be healthy and strong. One good way to maintain their health is to help them eat right. A good company can actually take helping to the next level by sponsoring a meal– most probably lunch– every day! This way, the company can take extra steps to make sure of the quality and quantity of food that the employees consume. 

The company has many options in implementing this. One is having a full-time chef on payroll. This can be costlier because they will also have to set up a kitchen. Another path that they can take is to get the services of a food preparation company that delivers packed meals or sets up buffets during company meal times.

Discounts in fitness/health stores

Supplementation is encouraged nowadays because it is often a challenge to get all the right nutrients only from food. Experts say we need to take in diverse and quite a large amount of food in order to get all that we need. Not everyone has the time and patience for this. 

However, many shy away from taking food supplements because these products are usually very pricey. The company can step in by partnering with stores that sell good supplements like those from Irwin Naturals and Pure Encapsulations. These partnerships can grant discounts (probably around 10% to 20%) to employees. 

Ocular Health Benefits

Ocular health can be quite expensive for many employees. Even if their issues don’t require eye surgery, glasses of varying prescription end up being rather expensive for some, and a recurring cost they must regularly absorb. If you want a perk that’s going to attract a lot of capable employees, you might look into eye health solutions from this optical shoppe in Bourbonnais, IL, who offer varying means by which you could provide services of this kind to your workers.

Gym memberships

Aside from maintaining a balanced diet, exercising is an important aspect of being healthy. This helps in not only shaping the body but also enhancing immunity and improving blood circulation. Plenty of physical exercise also helps in combating stress

But because of the price of gym memberships, many employees miss their workouts. If the company has a lot to spare, they can definitely sponsor the gym memberships of their employees. If this is too much, they can try partnering with gym owners to see if they can grant discounts. 

Keeping the body healthy should be everybody’s concern. However, people often shy away from pro-health behaviors because of a variety of reasons: from being too busy to having no extra cash. This is where employers can provide a little push.