CBD oil comes from industrial hemp. It carries a range of mental and physical health benefits. Let’s start with what exactly it is. Well, according to the textbook definition, CBD stands for CANNABIDIOL. It’s a chemical compound that is naturally present in cannabis plants. All varieties of this plant will have CBD in it.

There are over 100 compounds that are collectively called cannabinoids (each one has varying effects). Another more popular and well-known compound is THC. This compound is what gets you high when you smoke marijuana. But, CBD doesn't have those psychoactive effects.

How Much CBD Oil to Take?

Please know that when it comes to CBD dosing, every person is different. Tolerance level, health condition, age, prior experience, etc; all go into governing the exact dosage for an individual. Suffice to say, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when you talk about the CBD dosing.

However, you need to follow some general guidelines that are essential for everyone to read:

Always start small. Maintain small doses before working your way up. As you consume; note down your body’s reactions to it. Do this for each dosage until your body gets accustomed to the cannabinoids. Slowly you can experiment with the dosage to see which one works best for you. This is called the ‘up-titration’ method.
Remember to up the dosage gradually by just a milligram with each dose. Within a few days, your body will know when you’ve hit the ‘sweet spot’. After that, you can bring down the dosage to suit yourself.
Always read the product label carefully before administering it. Different droppers will have different capacities. So, accordingly, you may have to alter the dosage for accurate consumption. It is, therefore, super important to read the label carefully.
If you are on some kind of mediation or if you are pregnant, always talk to your doctor first before making CBD a part of your life.

And, even though it is almost impossible to overdose on CBD (if you do it the right way), always keep an eye for any adverse reactions. If you feel off or if you sense your body reacting weirdly to it, don’t take long before calling for emergency medical attention.

What Are Different Ways of Consuming CBD


This method is called the sublingual method. This basically involves simply swallowing the CBD which allows it to enter the bloodstream via the capillaries that are present under the tongue.

CBD oil comes with a dropper and it is easy to get into your system. You just have to drop a few drops on your tongue. Be sure to avoid smoking, drinking, and eating five minutes before and after using the dropper. 

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Benefits of CBD drops

Super easy to use
You can consume it anytime, completely hassle-free
Effective and quick
It’s super convenient to measure the dosage; especially if you are new

Drops can be difficult to stomach; especially if you don’t like the bitter taste. So, another convenient way to get CBD inside your system is via soft gels and capsules. You can also go for CBD edibles like cookies, gummies, etc. You can try some popular drinks like CBD coffee or hemp CBD tea too. Capsules are also better because you know the exact dosage you’ll be consuming. 

However, capsules are not the most effective way because oral ingestion means that the capsule has to go through the digestive system first where the liver metabolizes it. As a result, only a few active ingredients end-up becoming bioavailable and being fully absorbed by the body. The whole process is long and can take up to 2 hours before you notice any effects.


This is possibly the quickest way to feel the effects of CBD oil; almost immediately. Some of the best ways to inhale CBD is via e-cigarettes or by vaping it. This method is quick because smoking helps all the active ingredients enter the bloodstream directly via the lungs; bypassing the digestive tract.


Also known as the topical application method, this is again a quick and effective way to use CBD. This is best used when you want to manage localized pains and aches, painful muscles, joints, etc. For this, you can use CBD beauty creams. Or, you can just use topical oils. If you have inflamed skin or have any other skin condition, the topical application of CBD may offer you relief.

Benefits of CBD creams:
Quick and easy
Super effective
Bypasses the digestive system
Convenient to use
You can use products like CBD salves, body butter, creams, lotions, and skin sticks for this purpose


Although this is not often talked about; CBD suppositories are again a good way to get CBD in the most bioavailable manner in your system. It’s absorbed via the capillaries directly into your bloodstream through the vaginal and anal passage. This is another way in which you avoid the CBD from having to go through the long digestive process. 

Benefits of CBD Oil:

Pain Management: If you have achy joints, muscles, or chronic pains; Some women also swear by these products to manage period cramps.

Lower High Blood Pressure: Studies indicate that CBD may be able to help with high blood pressure. CBD when absorbed into the body will be a vasodilator, alleviate stress, better blood circulation to the body's organs. If you are looking for CBD reviews to help lower blood pressure, join us in finding this answer through this article: https://www.thehempire.com/best-cbd-oil/high-blood-pressure/

Fights Inflammation: Studies show that CBD helps fight chronic inflammation such as skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, you’re likely to benefit from the topical application of CBD oil.

Fights Acne: There is some anecdotal evidence as well as clinical papers that will tell you that application of CBD oil can fight acne.

Relaxation: This is possibly the #1 reason that most people consume CBD. It boosts the sensation of relief, rejuvenation, and relaxation. So, if you’re dealing with chronic anxiety or stress; CBD may calm you down.

There are so many more benefits of CBD’s regular usage which are hard to cover in just one page. But, the ones we mentioned happen to be the most popular ones.