Coping with erectile dysfunction (ED) is not easy for any man. ED is a common issue that affects men all ages. Most of them experience it during times of intense stress, but for others it’s a recurrent problem and therefore a serious cause of concern that requires adequate medical treatment.

It can also be hard for men to talk about ED with their partner. It’s not a conversation anyone would like to have. But it’s important to understand that in a couple ED affects both partners. It can be equally frustrating for both the man and the woman to deal with it. That’s why if you have ED you shouldn’t shut out your partner, but rather try to discuss openly about it and understand you’re in this together. 

What all couples should know about ED
When discussing ED with your partner you should both be aware of some important aspects:

It can happen to anyone – ED is more common than you might think. Almost half of men experience some type of erectile dysfunction at one point in their lives and the chances of developing ED increase with age.
It can be treated – ED is neither a sentence nor the end of your sex life. Medications like Cialis can help manage ED symptoms and have been shown to give great results. Treatment for ED can vary from person to person and you should see a doctor about it, but it’s important to know that it’s a problem that can be solved.
It’s nobody’s fault – blaming yourself or your partner is completely unjustified. It’s not caused by you or by her, so you shouldn’t try to find culprits or apologize for it. 
How couples can overcome ED
Now that you know the basics, the question is how can couples manage the situation in a healthy way. Here’s what you can do:
Talk to each other – Don’t start talking right after you had a failed sexual experience. Find a good moment and open the conversation about ED. Be honest with your partner, explain what you’re going through and listen to what she has to say as well. Discuss your options and decide how you’re going to approach the situation together. 
See a doctor – If ED is something you’ve been dealing with for quite some time, the problem is not likely going to solve itself. The best thing you could do is go see a doctor. Only a medical professional can tell you what’s wrong with you and why you are experiencing ED. He’ll help you understand your condition better determine the best course of treatment for you. Don’t hesitate to bring your partner along as she might want to hear the information as well. 
Consider seeing a sex therapist – Some people shy away from seeing a sex therapist as it can make them feel embarrassed and awkward. However, sex therapy is just like any other form of therapy and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. A therapist can help you and your partner manage the situation better and guide you towards recovery.