Health and wellness is one of the hottest topics these days, with “how to lose weight” getting around 550,000 monthly searches. What this means is that people are more conscious of their health than ever before. People know that they need to exercise, eat the right foods, and be mindful of their mental health. However, they need guidance from health and wellness experts.

Unfortunately, not all the information shared online is to be trusted. There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you live healthily, but some information isn’t entirely accurate. For this reason, you need to know which sources to trust. 

In this article, we rounded up 5 of the best wellness blogs that you can follow for up-to-date, trusted information. Read them, implement the tips and advice shared, stay healthy and happy.

1. 1AND1 Life
1AND1 is a relatively new, but trusted health and wellness blog. The authors include a number of certified personal trainers and nutrition experts. The website includes articles that go into depth on all aspects of wellness. Unlike other health and wellness websites, this company promotes wellbeing in areas that include financial wellness, intellectual wellness, and other topics that most people wouldn’t associate with good health. Yet, it is these things that contribute to being a whole person. So, while this is a relatively new website, it is unique in its value proposition compared to some of the other choices.

2. Healthline
Healthline, as the name suggests is your go-to health and wellness blog for all mental and physical health information. This site was designed to help people reconnect with their health. Healthline gathers expert-based information on the topics of mental and physical health and presents it to you in a simple and easy-to-absorb manner.

The blog helps you with tips and advice to let you make informed wellness decisions. What’s more, information is shared in different forms. You can download their app or listen to their podcasts. The contributors of content in this blog are nurses, expert doctors, public health experts, etc. That means the information shared in this blog is not only accurate but is evidence-based.
If you are looking for information related to parenting, mental health, how to deal with anxiety, fertility, and all health and wellness related topics, Healthline is the blog to read.

3. Well+Good
Well + Good was founded by Alexia Brue and MelisseGelula and was initially known for the publication of lifestyle and news related to wellness. These days, the blog shares a broad range of topics from food, relationship, to travel.

In this blog, you will learn how to eat well while working out; how to keep your mind and body healthy; and mindfulness during exercise, etc.

All the travel articles and blog posts published in this blog have an aspect of physical and mental health. For instance, you will learn how travel can make you feel relaxed; how taking mental breaks is good for your health, or how to stay fit while traveling.

Well + Good is just a one-stop-shop for all wellness-related information.

4. Women’s Health Magazine
Women’s Health Magazine has been empowering the female community since its launch in 2000.
The blog is trusted for sharing tons of information related to natural health, beauty, nutrition, sex, fitness, etc., all meant to empower women to make informed health decisions. The information published on this blog is supported by data and facts. The author of the blog shares expert opinion and research-based health and wellness information to help women to improve their health and wellness.

5. Breaking Muscle 
Are you looking for inspiration on how to achieve your physical goals without using expensive equipment? If so then Breaking Muscle is your blog. You will learn how to exercise and attain your health goals from fitness experts. The blog shares strength and conditioning programs you can follow to achieve your wellness goals without breaking the bank.

If you enjoy a multitude of fitness topics, then give this a read. You’ll learn how to squat below parallel and whether it’s safe. You can also read up on topics like how to improve the flexibility of your thoracic spine. Of course, many people want to read up on bodybuilding. For them, there are plenty of articles on building muscle, as the name implies. 

So, try one of their workouts for tips to help you stay healthy as you keep fit.

6. Mentality WOD
If you are looking to try healthy living then the first thing you need to do is to work on your mental wellbeing.According to Mentality WOD, your thoughts, attitudes, and feelings can make or break your mental health.

This blog shares information related to work out and how to promote healthy living. According to the content in this blog, if you can work through pressure and stress then you can live healthy and happy. The blog will help you understand what thoughts are pinning you down so you can overcome them and live healthily.

7. Yahoo Health
Read everything you need to know about relational health, eating and fitness tips, intellectual health, and many other interesting topics related to health and wellness right inside the Yahoo Healthy blog. While Yahoo doesn’t focus entirely on health and wellness, they have strict quality standards. So, be sure to add them to your list.

8. HuffPost’s Healthy Living 
If you have never come across the Huffington Post then perhaps you are using a unique search engine not Google, Bing, or Yahoo and other popular ones. Huffington Post is one of the trusted sites with a ton of information and their Healthy Living blog is your go-to resource if you are looking to stay healthy and happy. In this blog, you will learn tips and tricks related to health and wellness topics, as well as how to help others to live healthily.

9. Fitting It All In
Fitting It All Inis the works of Clare, a medical student who overcame an eating disorder. In her blog, she shares helpful advice on how to overcome the stigmas associated with eating disorders and mental health. She also helps people with unhealthy bodies and those struggling with self-esteem 

10. Goop
Goop is an amazing website. It’s only tenth on the list because it covers so much more than wellness, and we didn’t want to leave them off of the list. This website is mostly focused on women’s issues, but they do have a section for men. So, there’s something for everybody.

Read and Promote Healthy Living
If you are looking to try healthy living then these wellness blogs share a ton of information related to health and wellness. 

The information you will read on these blogs is backed by science and some of the contributors on most blogs are experts in different sectors of the health industry.
Get inspired and live healthily.