Breast cancer! The term alone is enough to frighten anyone. It's a menace that needs revitalized awareness and taking stringent measures to prevent its occurrence. Are you scared of this predicament? You need to take a chill! There's nothing anyone can do about the risk factors, but that doesn't mean you can't lower them in one way or another. Are you curious to know about simple ways to manage breast cancer? Here are easy healthy ways to reduce the risk of contracting the illness.

1. Try a plant-based diet & minimize meat intake
It’d be best to color your plate with huge chunks of organic fruits and veggies. The plant pigments have flavonoids which contain anti-cancerous properties. 

It would be best to keep meat intake at a minimum. It’s because some red meat and its processed substances get classified as carcinogenic. 

2. Limit alcohol intake 
Moderate alcohol intake might be good for the heart and mind. However, it would help if you kept it in check as it can lead to an increased risk of breast cancer

You can start by making some nights alcohol free as you adopt a plan that’ working for you. You can also start using sparkling water to reduce the urge to consume alcohol to a stopper.

3. Engage in a fitness routine 
Did you know that physical exercise is good for the body, mind, and soul? It's also an excellent chance to kick lifestyle illnesses to the curb. Engaging in meaningful activity is a chance to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Thus, you need to try at least 300 minutes of moderate workout each week. 

Therefore, as you engage in regular exercise, you get to keep your weight in check in the process. It will minimize the risk of obesity, which can ultimately become linked to various cancers, including breast cancer.

4. Limit the hormone therapy duration
A combination of hormone therapy from more than three consecutive years can ultimately increase the risk of contracting breast cancer. Are you using any hormone therapy to combat menopausal signs and symptoms? You can try giving non-hormonal medication therapies a try.  

If you are undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, you can buy letrozole, which is quite potent. It would be best to be in constant communication with your medic, although the treatment journey as they would be in a position to measure your hormones intake process.

5. Minimize radiation exposure as well as pollution in the surroundings 
It would help if you were health-conscious each time. You need to keep medical imaging like computerized tomography as your last treatment option. Only undergo these tests when it's definitively a must. Any cumulative ration exposure in one's life can ultimately lead to breast cancer.

Even if you go through screening and find you have breast cancer, don't lose hope. Under the direction of your doctor, you can buy letrozole to combat hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. It can also inhibit the return of breast cancer and thus enable you to live a full energetic life after treatment.