In this modern era great advancements have been made in the field of health. Likewise, dentistry has gone through a revolution. These days use of Nitrous Oxide in dentistry has become common. Almost every reputed dentist like Family First Dental use it for sedation purposes while carrying out mouth treatments. 
Below you can find all the information you need about the use of Nitrous Oxide in the field of dentistry;

About Nitrous Oxide:
Nitrous Oxide is a product of two naturally occurring gases that are Nitrogen and Oxygen. This gas neither has a color nor does it have any odor. The first known use of this gas for surgical purposes dates back to mid 1800s. In recent times nitrous oxide is combined with oxygen then transferred to the body my means of inhalation and it has proven to be effective in managing anxiety or any kind of pain of the patient it is used on. Relative analgesia is also a name given to this form of sedation. According to a valid survey in 2018 almost 80% of dental practices are known to use nitrous oxide as anesthesia and it is the most widely used form of gaseous anesthetic around the globe.

Nitrous Oxide Used For Sedation:
Upon inhaling the components of this gas are distributed in the lungs. It is equilibrated when the gas pressure equals the presser present in one’s blood and tissues. Nitrous Oxide is known to be the fastest in this process. Within few minutes the components start to reach the brain where it acts as a calming agent for pain. Another benefit of using this gas is that it does not mix with the hemoglobin present in the body and due to having low solubility Nitrous Oxide can be easily removed from the body leaving zero side effects behind.

Nitrous oxide goes through a process of irreversible oxidation with Vitamin B12 which reduces the activity of enzymes like methionine which lead to the sensation of pain for a limited time.

When Is It Used?
If a person has to go through any form of surgery then the use of anesthesia is must. However, there are some treatments where the amount of inflicted pain is bearable so in such cases the option of using Nitrous Oxide is cancelled out. On the other hand, if a surgery or treatment involves procedures that cause agonizing pain naturally then the doctor will tell the patient to inhale Nitrous Oxide so that he feels minimal pain while the surgery takes place.

The use of this gas according to the required amount will have no harm on the person who uses it. This means that there are absolutely no side effects. The only issue that a person can face is the tipsy feeling that fades away in a couple of hours usually

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