CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the controversial products that are sold “freely” in the market today. People see it as marijuana, which is illegal in many countries. While others use it for treatment. So, for this reason, we have to know what this product is before we judge or decide to use it. 

What is CBD?
CBD is the name of a certain compound, cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant. Yes, this is the same plant used to make Marijuana. So, is it marijuana? If we are looking at it from the compound and substance perspective, there is a big difference. Marijuana consists of THC and CBD, where THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound that creates a “high” sensation. 

CBD doesn’t have that THC. Therefore, it is not psychoactive or causing a “high” effect like Marijuana. We never said that it won’t make you addicted. Improper usage can lead to that problem. Therefore, a doctor's prescription or advice is necessary, before using it for medical treatment. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even approved Epidiolex, one of the CBD-based products, as one of the prescribed treatment product for epilepsy.

What Can CBD Do?
As mentioned, CBD is mostly used for medical or treatment purposes. In this matter, there are many usages you can find, such as:
Natural pain reliever – with its calming effect, it can help people to overcome the pain they suffered.
Anti-inflammation – even though it hasn’t been proved worked for humans, according to the Journal of Experimental Medicine, there is a significant effect when they did the test on mice and rats.
Help for quitting smoking – Addictive Behaviors published a pilot study about CBD effect on smokers. It turned out those who used it have a lower number of cigarettes they smoke, and also reduce the craving for nicotine. 
Treating Epilepsy – as mentioned above, there is a CBD-based product that can be used to treat this illness. CBD controls the seizure that occurs on Epilepsy patients. 
In short, CBD has many health benefits, if it is used correctly. Of course, you also need a prescription and recommendation from your doctor, before you use it.

Things to Remember
You can easily find many stores, especially online stores, where you can buy pure CBD oil and other CBD-based products. Mostly, they sell it to anyone as the treatment product. However, before you buy and use it, you also need to know whether the usage of this product is legal in your area. In the U.S. some states still forbid the usage of CBD and other cannabis-based products. If your area doesn’t allow it, we suggest you avoid it. You don’t want to break the law, don’t you?

As for you who live in the area that allows you to consume this product, you can freely buy it, as long as you are in the age that allowed consuming the product. As for the place to buy it, you can try pure CBD for sale at RoyalCBD.com. They have a good offer and more varieties for this product there