Do you ever have some questions that you are left to wonder why people are not talking about? Most kratom users tend to use kratom in such a way that you might be left to wonder whether they know what they are doing or not. There are many websites where you can find the right information about kratom. The sites are basically managed by kratom vendors to help you know which kratom strain you need, how effective it is, and the dose you should take among other issues. 

Unless you get some information from the sites about kratom, you might not hear anyone talking about the following secrets:

1. There is no universal kratom dose for all

This is the first secret that nobody will tell you about kratom. Whenever you ask about the right dose of kratom, you are most likely to be given a range of dosage. For instance, you will be told that if you are a beginner, you should take between 1-4grams per day. This is a wide range. What happens is that they are just approximating to guess what should work for you. Everyone is unique, and there is no universal dose for you. You should, therefore, keep trying to get your ideal dose, independent of others.

2. Kratom can be additive

Kratom if not used in the right way, can be addictive. Nobody tells you this because most kratom users have a way of competing. They want to use the most potent strain to have the best effects. Anything which is done competitively is typically given no limit. As you compete, note that kratom can be addictive and withdrawal might not be a guarantee.

3. You can develop kratom tolerance

Kratom tolerance is the state in which kratom ceases to give any effects regardless of the amount taken. In most cases, it starts when you get the maximum dose of a potent strain for a long time. The remedy is to grow in the use of kratom gradually. This is something any vendor will not tell you since they want you to purchase much kratom.

4. Not all strains are right for you

Kratom exists in many strains. Each strain gives a given type of effect. Some of the strains, however, give similar effects of kratom. You only need a train that can respond to your problem. For instance, you cannot take Thai kratom when you want some energy boost. You will become stimulated. Therefore, not all strains are right for you. Using multiple strains is seen as some prominence, and so nobody will tell you this secret.

5. The potency of same kratom strain may differ

The potency of kratom is determined by the type of strain and by the care given and maturity of the kratom plant. This means that you can have one stain say, Green Malay kratom, in different potencies. When buying your kratom featuring on the potency, it is not a guarantee that a given strain will have the same potency from all vendors. You got to be keen when making your order. Nobody will tell you this.

6. Opiate withdrawal by kratom is not sweet

When you talk to any kratom user who is heading to addiction and ask them if they are aware that the addiction is dangerous for them, they will tell you that if it happens, they will go for opiate withdrawal. They think that this is something that is a guarantee and sweet. It is not. If anything, if you are addicted to the most potent kratom strain, withdrawal might not be a guarantee. Even the opiate withdrawal by kratom is excruciating. Don't plan for it when you can avoid it.

7. Kratom can dehydrate you to death

Kratom contains a high level of caffeine content. This can dehydrate you severely. This is why you should take a lot of water when under kratom. If you ignore this, you can be dehydrated. If it happens for long, you might even die since when fluids are dried in your body, you cannot survive. Therefore take a lot of water when on kratom. Nobody will tell you this. They want you to take kratom in large quantities.

8. Smoke shops sell kratom

Did you know that the smoke shop that you keep passing by might be selling kratom? The fact that they don't have it in their product list in their banner does not mean that they don't sell it. Just step in and ask for it. You will be surprised that it is in stock. At times they have it in several strains.

9. Kratom is just near you

The online vending of kratom makes people think that kratom must just be ordered overseas. Well, some vendors are overseas. Others are just near you. To confirm this, download an App called kratom App and search for kratom near you. When you state your location, kratom vendors within a given radius will be suggested for you. Imagine the vendors are not far from you.

10. Kratom might have side effects

The common side effects of kratom include nausea, vomiting, stomach upset among others. Until you witness such effects will you be told that they are just the side effects of kratom. You should be prepared for the side effect if it does. Some of them can, however, be avoided by taking kratom in the right dose, in a full stomach with a lot of water.

Final thoughts

Ideally, there are many secrets that you will not be told quickly. We care about your wellbeing being as far as kratom is concerned. This is why we choose to give you this as an eye-opener. More about kratom can be attained through linacre kratom. Log into this website and have other kratom questions answered.