Bed bugs can be the reason for many contagious diseases. However, they are helpful for your immune system and should always be apparent.

There are several times when you need to know which are the bugs that reside with you on your bed. This may sound weird but several species of them are on your bed for several years using your cells as their primary food choice.

If you click here you will easily find more information about the bugs and you will also be prepared to deal with the many health issues that they could potentially cause. 

Many people around the world are dealing with great diseases that have no apparent reason to happen. These all may are caused by these minuscule bugs that happen to reside on our mattresses and sheets and are always there no matter what our health condition could be.

This is the time we started being more active about the facts that lead these bugs to multiply in such huge ratios. Not to mention, that there are always reasons to alter their chemical balance and start menacing our health in multiple ways.

Do you know which are the most dangerous diseases that these bed bugs can proliferate to you and other people that are sleeping on your bed? Are there any good ways to make your bed bug free for a lifetime? What is the safe portion of these bed bugs on your skin?

These are questions that anyone has but never dares to discuss openly when being in the right company. You have a short review in front of you that can give you answers to the multiple questions you may have about the bed bugs. Take advantage of it and enrich your knowledge on your bed bugs that you carry with you all day long.

How bed bugs are affecting our health

Bed bugs are small organisms that reside on the human skin. People had the perception of such organisms to be on their skin for several centuries but couldn't prove anything cause it has been impossible for them to prove it.

It was only after the invention of the microscope by the Dutch scientists that they had the chance to finally isolate these bugs and check their special features and anatomy. People are always aware of these bugs walking on their skin and leaving their feces there. That is the primary reason for itching and scratching that many people are suffering from.

The human dead skin cells are the primary source of food for these bugs. They are easily located where the dead cells are going and may multiply by great numbers when the human immune system doesn't work properly.

This has been the main reason why people are starting to get sick and get skin inflammations which are caused by the action of bed bugs. Many people are having some issues with their immune system from times to times. This can lead to severe infections by the bed bugs which may find proper time to develop without any restraint.

How can the bed bugs be dealt with?

There are several ways you could deal with bed bugs. First, you need to wash your sheets and pillows regularly. This means that you should do that at least once per week since the dead cells that you are spreading on them are the most important factor for the beg bugs proliferation.

Additionally, you should always wash the sheets on the hot water program. This will eventually make the bed bugs to evaporate and you will never see them again. A great practice that is also applied in hotel rooms where the sheets are washed close to 100 degrees Celcius assuring customers that they are completely bug-free.

Another great way to remove these bugs from your mattresses and coverings is the sanitization sprays. These are always having a great odor for people since they contain lavender and citrus but they are the number one threat for bed bugs. Lavender, for instance, is the natural substance that interferes in the reproductive cycle of the bed bugs. 

That is why you should always apply them on the mattresses to make sure that no bug is going to stay there for long. Not to mention, that there are other ways to perform hot dry cleaning using the next generation vacuum cleaners that are made for professional use.

These cleaners can suck away the bugs from the mattresses' surface and leave them always clean and neat for you and your family to use them even when you don't have sheets on them.

Bed bugs will stay always with you

No matter how hard you try, there is no chance you can eliminate all of these bugs. They are used to reside on your skin for millions of years and you are not supposed to completely eradicate them from there.

However, the goal is to always keep a good balance between your cleaning processes and their daily activity and reproduction rate. That is why you should always be aware of the new and improved ways to remove them from any possible surface that your skin comes in close touch to.

Scientists have also proved that you will have some benefits from the existence of these bugs on your skin. They are always having your immune system alert that otherwise it would be sleeping if they were not there. This means that you will always be more prepared for a potential external invasion of pathogenic agents that would require a massive response from your immune system.


It is widely known that bed bugs are accused of several inflammations of the skin as well as some general health issues. However, they are normal to exist in mediocre populations over your skin so that they keep you always safe from other kinds of pathogenic organisms.

Modern cleaning ways are easily removing most of these bugs from mattresses and sheets that you are constantly using. Make sure that you are using the latest technology to remove these bugs, as you will need to be sure about the results.