Do you have insomnia? If you do, then you are not alone. Here is why. Over sixty million Americans suffer from the condition. Even worse, more than half of the total global population perseveres through the same fire and brimstone.

Things, however, take a wrong turn when the above goes on for days. You, apart from becoming cranky, suffer a variety of health problems; some which can be serious. Heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are all included in the list of potential health problems you can experience due to the lack fo sustained sleep. Fortunately, the best sleep gadgets on the market can improve your health and fitness. They include:

1) Sleep Ear Plugs
Sound sensitivity is a problem that affects millions of people across the globe. That is why the sleep earplug business is so diverse. Finding the right set, however, is problematic, hence the need to exercise caution when shopping for the same.

Surprisingly, you can get the best sleep earplug options when you search online. Remember, over one dozen websites sell these products. Therefore, you can compare prices and durability before settling for the best choice.

Smart Nora
Let us introduce you to the world's most comfortable snoring solution, Smart Nora. This pillow insert stimulates your throat muscles so normal breathing can resume. It is completely non-invasive and contact free.

2) A Smart Mattress
Does your mattress make you uncomfortable? Do you wake up with recurrent back pains? If so, then you need to adjust your options.

Luckily, a smart mattress is the only gadget you must buy. Remember, the bed has memory foam, meaning it adjusts to your body shape every time you use the device. More so, the foundation has a sleeping posture adjustment option. You, therefore, enjoy a good night’s rest when you use such a component.

3) Electrostatic Precipitators
The environment you rest in determines your quality of sleep. That is why a room filled with toxins affects your sleeping hours. Therefore, invest in a good electrostatic precipitator. The smart device, apart from attracting toxins and chemicals in the air, also gives you a sleep report every other morning. Therefore, you can track your sleeping habits in the short and long-term.

4) Therapy Lamps
Insomniacs have a reason to smile, all thanks to therapy lamps. The devices use a blue light to slow down your breath pattern. You then get hypnotized and fall into a deep sleep. In brief, restless nights turn into restful nights.

5) Thermostats
Did you know that irregular temperature patterns could affect the quality of your sleep? Therefore, you must invest in the best thermostats on the market. These devices regulate the heat and cold in your room around the clod. Therefore, they induce the perfect temperature for sleep.

6)            Oil Diffusers
Do sinuses, stress, and insomnia affect you? You must buy an oil diffuser if you are a victim of any of the above. Recall, the gadget releases a scent of your choice into the atmosphere, thus creating favorable freshness. Even better, the device helps you drift off faster. However, you must gas the room half an hour before your sleep time.

7) Smart Pillows
Are you familiar with the intelligent pillow? The headrest simulates the ideal breathing patterns for your body. More so, the device plays some soothing tunes. You, therefore, sleep faster and better than before.

8) The Dream Mask Machine
Is fatigue a problem you endure daily? Do you suffer from muscle cramps every other morning? If you do, then you are not alone.

For the record, many people suffer the same fate too. Moreover, you need a device that can direct enough blood to the muscles. Luckily, the dream mask machine does precisely that. It decreases blood flow to the brain, thus increasing the amount of fluid reaching the tissues. It is because of the above that you feel energized every time you wake up.

9) Sleep Apps
How calm is your life? Moreover, do you meditate daily? If not, then you need a superb sleep-inducing app. For the record, the application focuses on mindfulness and meditation. You then sleep better.

10) The Intelligent Sleep Mask
Do you want a device that analyzes your sleep stats and habits? Then an intelligent sleep mask is the device of choice you should buy. The machine keeps a record of your body temperature and pulse as you sleep. You can then take note of that data and improve your sleeping habits.

11)         A Sleep Tracker
A superb sleep tracker emits alpha waves. The frequencies then speed up the transition, kicking you into a deep sleep. Your sleep duration also increases something that improves the quality of your sleep. Hence, you need to buy either of the items outlined earlier. They will help you meet your health and fitness goals fast.