In the gut, there are living bacteria which are usually both good and bad. These bacteria need to stay balanced, because too much of either can be detrimental to your health. Also, to survive in the gut, they need to be fed. A mega prebiotic is an indigestible fiber which is meant to feed these gut bacteria and keep them healthy. 

What it is made up of
MegaPrebiotic is mostly composed of oligosaccharides which are simply medium-chain carbohydrates. These oligosaccharides are both non-digestible and clinically tested.

Since fiber is used to refer to carbohydrates that cannot be digested, non-digestible oligosaccharides are simply functional fibers since they carry out the same function. They cannot be digested, so the intestinal bacteria ferment them. This results in the production of by-products like methane gas or short-chain fatty acids which may include acetate and butyrate. These short-chain fatty acids help to boost enterocytes, which are intestinal cells, and additionally are responsible for soothing intestinal inflammation.  

MegaPreBiotic Function
There are gut bacteria which are classified as Bifidobacterium that are meant to stimulate the immune system as well as supporting a barrier function. Individuals with low levels of Bifidobacteria are prone to experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome, celiac disease, obesity, psoriasis, dermatitis, diabetes, and IBD among others. 

Gut bacteria is vital and plays a huge role in the body which is why it is important to supplement them orally, often through probiotics. The anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in oxygen, and they cannot naturally be orally reintroduced into the gut. While stress, antibiotics, diets, among other factors reduce keystone strains of these bacteria, they are naturally found in the gut microbiome. The thing is, there is no way of fully getting rid of the bacteria, they only need to be rejuvenated. Reinforcing a healthy gut microbiome using a Precision Prebiotic is important since it needs that consistent nurturing.

Mega Prebiotic Advantages
Mega prebiotic has a few advantages over the generalized prebiotic. First, it allows you to selectively target your beneficial bacteria. This helps you to avoid feeding unnecessary overgrowth of the bad bacteria. 
Also, using mega prebiotic means less bloating and gas. This is because it contains less prebiotic fibers when compared to other prebiotics, and this makes it easier to tolerate. The fibres present in mega prebiotic are also used to boost keystone strains of bacteria found inside the gut. These are the bacteria used for butyrate production as well as reducing intestinal inflammation, and balancing fat metabolism.  

In addition, when Megaprebiotic is taken together with MegaPreBiotic, it helps to improve the production of SCFA as well as microbial diversity. By combining the two, your body’s immune system health improves, microbial balances, and also, it makes intestinal repair possible. Even better, the combination helps to nourish the good gut bacteria. 

If reviews about a product are mostly positive, then chances are that the product is great. Megaprebiotic has been considered one of the best Precision Prebiotics in the market today, and a lot of people who have used it before have gotten nothing but positive results.