No mattress lasts for a lifetime even though a lot of them come with lifetime guarantee. An out of shape foam can cause several problems for users. Physical stress is one of them. If your body is not relaxed, you would develop pain in different areas. This is obviously connected to the sleep quality you get. Sleeping on an uneven mattress is a major cause for backache. This ache lasts for a long time if you continue to sleep on a low standard mattress. Replacing a mattress can obviously be a costly venture. In addition to that, it is a hassle to adjust to a new mattress every now and then. A much easier option is purchasing this cover.

Cost effective as compared to mattress replacement
Replacing the mattress is not an economical venture. If you compare the cost of mattress replacement with this BedStory cover, the cover costs much lesser. Hence, to save your money and have a soundless comfortable sleep at the same time, the mattress cover is a commendable option.  

No restrictions about postures
When you take a new mattress, you can sleep in all postures because the shape is uniform. With the passage of time, the mattress starts getting curvier at the edges. Similarly, the texture does not remain smooth. Hence, to sleep in a comfortable position, the user can have specific postures only as others cause discomfort. Once you have this quality cover on top of the mattress, there is nothing to worry about. You can have any posture you want while sleeping. To see how different postures can be used while sleeping, you can check

Body heat released through air ventilation
To get a comfortable sleep, it is important that the body gets the required ventilation. You can only get a relaxed sleep if there is air flow between your skin and the mattress cover. This cover has a proper air ventilation feature which helps in getting sleep without interruptions. If the mattress cover you are using does not have ventilation pores, you can face medical complications asthma.

The highest level of comfort offered
Sleep gets broken due to discomfort. For instance, if you are sleeping on a mattress that has an uneven structure, the body would be interact uniformly with the mattress texture. If some part of the mattress has deflated due to usage, more stress would be exerted on the body in that particular area. Hence, it is important that the mattress is uniform so that the body is uniformly aligned with it. If the mattress you are using has lost its shape, a great option is using this cover. It restores the smooth finish even if placed on top of an out of shape mattress. 

• This cover is durable and lasts for a long time. More than anything, it provides you with unbroken sleep. After a tiring day at work, when you drop down on the bed, you would go through the most mesmerizing experience. It is quite hard to deal with a mattress that has lost its shape. If the area near the neck has contracted, a lot of pressure would be applied on your shoulders and surrounding areas. In worst cases, you even develop permanent neck stiffness.

Very convenient and easy installation
There is no need to call in for a company representative for installing this mattress cover. It has elastic straps on the side. All you need to do is place the cover on top of the mattress and use the straps. If the elastic bands are two long, a pin can be used to buckle them so that they do not hang unnecessarily.

Perfect density
The density of the foam cover is an important factor as well. Something that is too heavy would not provide the maximum comfort level. However, the density of this BedStory cover is 3 pounds for a mattress that has a width of 2 inches. It is soft so the experience to sleep on it is simply mesmerizing. When you wake up after proper unbroken sleep, even a bit of exhaustion would not be left.

• Some mattress covers are stuffy and carry a lot of weight. Due to the excess weight and lack of finesse, users are unable to get the needed comfort level. BedStory is a reputed brand and places customer comfort at the highest level. Thus, the weight of the mattress cover is less so that no compromises are made with the quality of sleep.
The highest quality level with product warranty

Most vendors selling mattress covers or any other product make the highest claims so that the customer is convinced about making the purchase. However, there is a worrying factor if the product does not have a warranty. This quality mattress cover comes with a ten-year warranty. If there are any issues in this time span, the company would handle your complaint in the best possible manner. BedStory makes sure that its customers are completely satisfied at all times. 

Cost is a bit of a worry
Although this high quality mattress cover comes with the maximum benefits one can imagine. Even then, there is a negative factor as well. The price is on the higher side which proves to be a concern for certain customers.

Viewing the Profile of BedStory
BedStory has immense experience in this industry. Here is a brief snapshot of the profile they have. Having been involved in the mattress industry for 36 years, we know how to make premium mattresses at a fair price for everyone. 

That’s why we created BedStory, a sleeping expert who helps you sleep better at night, and makes you more energetic and productive during your waking hours. 

Featured with advanced technology, exceptional design, premium material, and strict quality control. 

We always strive to provide our customers with luxurious comfort to help them sleep better. For online customers, we offer fast delivery right to the door from the local warehouse. We attach great importance to the customer experience, and it is our significant goal to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. Our products mainly include mattresses, toppers, and pillows. Customers can visit to get their queries answered.