Let’s face it. Most of us spend our time seated, and I could bet that we also do it wrong.  Back pain is, therefore, a common problem among many. It is also the leading cause of most disabilities in the workplace. If you have ever suffered from back pain, you know how much it can lower your quality of life and keep you from accomplishing even the smallest of tasks. 

Thankfully, back pain is something that you can easily avoid when you adopt the correct lifestyle. Taking care of your spine can reduce your chances of developing back pain. Below are several tips on how to show your back some love.

1. Schedule regular appointments with our chiropractor

Regular chiropractic care should be part of your health care rituals. A chiropractor will continually align your musculoskeletal muscles so that your back remains in good condition. Chiropractic care is a way of preventing spinal malfunctions. He or she will also recommend the correct diet, supplements, and exercises that will enable your back to remain fit and in top-most condition. Regular chiropractic services are invaluable, especially if you continuously do hardcore jobs such as lifting heavy objects and if you to sit and bend a lot.

2. Get a good night sleep

Your body repairs itself while you sleep, so ensure you get as many hours of sleep as you can. Sleep on your side as opposed to your stomach, which exerts undue pressure on your spine. Buy a supportive mattress and pillow to ensure your neck is well-aligned as you sleep. You also need to turn your mattress regularly to ensure it wears evenly. 

3. Stretch 

Do not go a day without stretching. Stretching helps your back and neck to remain flexible and ensures the healthy functioning of the joints. Begin your day with a good stretch to make you feel invigorated and promote the health of your spine. 

4. Drink lots of water

When you drink adequate amounts of water daily, you ensure your soft tissues remain elastic and maintain fluidity in your joints. The spinal disks are vulnerable to dehydration which makes them lose height. When that happens, you will experience pain in your disk. The loss of disk fluid can also cause them to become brittle and slip out of space. 

5. Have a smart working space

Ensure your laptop or any other device that you use is set up for your height and functionality. Use a chair which supports your lower back or place a pillow behind your back. Your knees should sit at 90 degrees to your hips, and you should be able to rest your feet comfortably on the floor. Avoid holding your phone between your ear and shoulder and practice using a headset instead. 

Take short breaks throughout the day to stretch, especially if you sit for long hours. Back pain is common every once in a while, but it can also indicate serious underlying problems. Before you try any form of self-medication or treatment, seek medical advice.