Table Tennis isn’t a sport that you tend to hear much about. It isn’t as commonly played as soccer, tennis and rugby but it’s lots more fun and just as good for your health. All you need to get started is a table tennis table, paddles, a ball and some great friends so what’s stopping you from taking the plunge and learning these exciting new skills. Continue reading to find out exactly why this underrated sport is so good for you and how easy it is to get started.

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
Practising and playing table tennis significantly improves your hand-eye coordination. This refers to the brain’s ability to track our movements and carry out tasks efficiently that require both our hands and eyes simultaneously. What better way to sharpen up the body and mind than getting a rally going across the table with friends.

Develop Mental Acuity
The ball’s speed, tempo and spin are all crucial elements of a professional’s game. By considering all these parts of one shot within the miniscule amount of time it takes to hit the ball you’re unknowingly developing your mental acuity and could see an improvement in other areas of your life such as solving and creating puzzles. 

Improved Reflexes
You know why cats are well known for their amazing reflexes? It’s because they’re one of the most supple and lithe creatures in the world which means that they respond to environmental stimulus almost instantly. By playing table tennis and refining your reaction to a ball hurtling towards you across the table your reflexes will definitely sharpen up in the process.  

Low Impact Exercise
When playing most sports your joints endure high impact shocks from the jumping, twisting and banging associated with them. Table tennis, however, is a great way to raise the heart rate without overtaxing the joints. This also makes it a great choice of sport if you’ve been unfortunate enough to have knee surgery in the past or have suffered from discomfort in any of your joints or your back. 

Calorie Burning
An average Joe can burn up to 270 calories playing table tennis for an hour. Just like all sports it raises your heart rate and provides you with an enjoyable way to get the blood pumping and burn those pesky calories. What better way to keep fit while you’re having lots of fun.

Social Outlet
The social aspect to sport can be just as important as the benefits it has on your body and your health. Whether you’re playing at the local community centre, sports centre or at home table tennis offers a great opportunity to bond with others whilst keeping fit and having fun. Table tennis is also appropriate for all ages, meaning it’s accessible for all ages and abilities. 

Brain Training
Studies have shown that there’s a clear increase in motor skills and cognitive awareness from playing table tennis. Findings also suggested that table tennis increases the blood flow to the brain and can prevent the onset of dementia. 

Improve Balance
Following the ball with your eyes as it quickly moves towards you and estimating it’s trajectory is great for improving your coordination. By moving quickly to respond to it during a rally will, in turn, improve your balance. A key skill for over turning your opponent.

When there’s a list as long as this of reasons why table tennis improves your health and well-being, what's stopping you from starting your new adventure now.