Created by Dr. Richard Tan, the Balance Method is a specialized system of acupuncture within Oriental medicine using techniques to promote rapid healing. The Academy of Acupuncture provides training courses, online learning tools, certification, and internship opportunities with Dr. Eileen Han for those in Canada, the US, and nationwide interested in Ba Zi classes, acupuncture courses, and traditional Chinese medicine.

The Balance Method. The Balance Method takes acupuncture back to a methodology rooted in cosmology and ancient philosophy - its own historical roots, so to speak. Insomnia, anxiety, IBS, and other internal conditions are treated using the Balance Method, and it is known for alleviating all types of pain - sciatica, migraine headaches, arthritis, etc. It is all about balancing the body's meridians to promote healing. 

Ideal for beginning and advanced practitioners, the Balance Method acupuncture training offers a range of programs for participants of all skill and interest levels. Our goal is to empower practitioners to enhance their clinic treatments and ultimately, patients' health using this ancient acupuncture methodology. The Core Foundations Track covers clinical wonders with acupuncture, global balance for functional disorders, and other topics during the four day workshop. Those completing this training can move to the Balance Method Acupuncture Advanced Track or other courses we offer.

Acupuncture. In addition to the above, The Academy of Acupuncture provides programs including Dr. Tan's Core Essentials, Dr. Tan's Point Prescriptions, Powerhouse Acupuncture Workshop, and The 3 Essentials - Ba Zi. Dr. Tan's Core Essentials is a 3-day seminar exploring fundamental training on the Five Systems of the Balance Method. Dr. Tan's Point Prescriptions is a 3-day seminar expanding on the core principles of the Core Essentials, and includes highly detailed coursework, in-depth discussion regarding the treatment of internal and functional disorders, and much more. The Powerhouse Acupuncture Workshop explores I Ching, and is a 4-day course covering how to use the Chinese tome to discover root causes and possible treatment for a person's personal or medical concern, how to use I Ching's 64 hexagrams as impartial advisers in your medical practice and personal life, and more.

Ba Zi. For people who are interested in Ba Zi for professional or personal benefit we offer five seminars open to anyone, no prerequisite. Learn how to read and interpret a Ba Zi chart, how it will enrich your own life and improve your practice, how it can influence an individual's circumstances at any moment in time, and specific topics in each seminar. The first seminar focuses on developing a Ba Zi chart, the second on using patients' birth data to analyze shen levels, the third on more complex Ba Zi charts, and the fourth on detailed effects of postnatal Qi on a person's Ba Zi chart. Level 5 (final seminar) is available only to devoted students who have been practicing the Three Essentials in clinic. We also offer Ba Zi 'The 3 Essentials' learning tools for download on our website.

Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on the person as a 'whole' physically, emotionally, and spiritually in an effort to promote the body's amazing ability to heal itself. Removing blockages in the body’s meridians is essential for healing and balance, promoting proper flow of energy through the pathways, and increasing blood flow that nourishes the cells, tissues, and organs of the body. Acupuncture is a vital component of TCM and works in conjunction with herbal medicine, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices to enhance overall well-being - this means a healthy body, happy mind, increased spiritual awareness,a feeling of empowerment and the ability to enrich your own life as well as others. 

From the Balance Method and Ba Zi to other Traditional Chinese Medicine training, we invite those interested in acupuncture, certification and more in the US, Canada and across the nation to learn more at The Academy of Acupuncture.