Cannabis is widely known as a legal thing now. Several countries around the world have legalized the use of marijuana (cannabis, hash, kush, weed) for medical and recreational use. It carries more than 104 compounds which are known as cannabinoids. THC and CBD are the main cannabinoids that come from cannabis and hemp plant. 

THC is psychoactive so it can cause nausea and euphoria while CBD has properties that can cure several medical conditions that range from reducing pain to eliminating seizures. But you should know how you should consume it. You have to know how it should be consumed and know which method works best for you.

If you are the first time user of CBD then you should know how to consume. CBD oil is extracted from cannabis which carries only CBD from the cannabis plant and it is the most common product to consume CBD. Some edibles and other products are also available in the market. Here, we are going to show you how to take CBD oil. So before you buy budget buds from Canada weed dispensary you should know how it can be used.

Easy Ways to Take CBD Oil

1. Oral Consumption

CBD can be taken orally and it is one of the most common ways but everyone has a different opinion about consuming this way. Users can eat edibles consisting of CBD. On the other hand, CBD oil can be mixed with other beverages. You can also mix it with water or coffee. Several cafes serve CBD with coffee. Always remember to stay hydrated when you consume CBD orally.

2. Topical Applications – Inflammation and Skin

CBD is very helpful to treat inflammation and skin problems. If you have aching muscles or joint pain you can apply CBD oil topically. Studies show that CBD is fat-soluble cannabinoids so it can accumulate in the skin without disturbing other functions of the body. So it can treat the skin and inflammation problem.

3. Vaping or Smoking

Smoking is the most used method to consumed CBD as well as THC to the bloodstream. If you don’t want to inhale smoke then, you can vape it with Purple Kush and vape pens. Some online dispensary Canada sells the tinctures made in vape capsules that can be attached to regular vape pens. Some studies also state that vaping is less harmful than smoking.

4. Dissolving Tinctures

This is also a way of consuming CBD orally so some medical experts also suggest using the dropper that comes with CBD oil packaging and pours some drops under your tongue. This is for those who prefer a faster onset of effects is dissolving tinctures under the tongue.

Things to Consider Before Starting Your Journey with CBD Oil

Remember that the various ways of consuming CBD oil completely depend on the purpose of consumption and overall health. You need to consult your doctor if you wish to use CBD oil to treat a medical condition. You need to know from your doctor what could be the effects of using CBD oil with other drugs or Turinbol. If you want to use it for daily health and lifestyle the start with small doses, then measure the effects and improvements. So, by starting with a low dosage of CBD you can know its various effects on your body and know if you need to increase the doses or not.