Many of us opt-out of baths in favor of showers but there are serious health benefits of taking a bath frequently. Learn how it improves your health.

According to this survey, 90% of people choose showers over baths. Unfortunately, those people don't realize how much they're missing out on. Bathtime is a lot more than the chance to soak in warm water. In fact, taking a hot bath can help improve a number of bodily functions, including your respiratory system and heart health. Keep reading to discover seven surprising health benefits of taking a bath. Once you realize all the ways a hot bath can benefit your body, you might consider pulling out the rubber ducky a little more often.

1. Heart Health
Your heart plays a vital part in your body's overall health. Without a strong heart, you can't pump blood through your veins—or make it through the day. Taking a bath at extremely high temperatures can strain your heart. If you have a pre-existing heart condition, check the water temperature first. Otherwise, the hot water could cause your heart to beat faster. For everyone else, a hot bath can give your heart a healthy workout.

As it gets pumping, your heart will improve blood circulation throughout the body. As a result, the blood will become less viscous. This allows your blood vessels to function better, too. If you don't have a pre-existing heart function, a warm bath can improve your cardiac function. Relax in the warm water and get that heart pumping!

Circulation & Vascular Function
Are you a fan of taking long, hot baths or relaxing in a soothing sauna? These heat and water therapies can also improve your blood flow. According to this study, heat therapy can improve your blood circulation and vascular function. As these functions improve, you'll also experience lower blood pressure. Your blood vessels will stiffen less often, too.

When your blood flows easier, it also becomes more oxygenated. As a result, you can breathe deeper and slower. In addition to these blood-related benefits of taking a bath, warm baths can also kill bacteria. As a result, you can give your body's immunity a boost! A stronger immune system means fewer cold and flu systems. Instead of getting sick, you can improve your blood flow and relax in a soothing bath.

2. Breathe Easy
The next time you take a hot bath, consider immersing yourself past your chest. Immersing yourself in water can improve your lung capacity and oxygen intake. Both the water temperature and the pressure of the water against your lungs can benefit your body.

When your heart beats faster, it's easier to take in oxygen. The steamy air can also clear your sinuses and chest. Coldwater, on the other hand, can reduce the risk of infection for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. If you're a swimmer, the benefits of taking a bath can improve your lung strength and capacity. That way, you can swim longer without emerging for a breath!

3. Brain & Nervous System
A hot bath benefits your nervous system, too. Emerging yourself in warm water can reduce your pain and inflammation. The warm temperatures also calm your nervous system. As a result, you'll experience less stress and anxiety. Your mood will improve, too!

Taking a long bath can also help patients with multiple sclerosis. The temperature and water pressure relieves any pain you feel against the spine. Water also provides postural stability, which can alleviate Parkinson's Disease symptoms. If you experience a lot of pain every day, draw yourself a warm bath and soak up. The relief can relax your body and grant you a better quality of life. 

4. Stronger Muscles, Joints, & Bones
Taking calcium isn't the only way to develop stronger bones. Moving while emerged in water has a low impact on your bones, muscles, and joints. At the same time, it also provides an effective resistance workout. Given this, aquatic exercise is considered an ideal option for elderly individuals. There's less of a chance older people will get injured while they're in the water. Meanwhile, elderly people can still get the daily exercise they need to strengthen their bodies and stay active.

5. Better Gastrointestinal Health
What about the benefits of taking a bath on gastrointestinal health? The hot water can alleviate the pain that's associated with hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Warmer temperatures will help the sphincter relax. As a result, it becomes easier for wounds to heal after surgery.

It's important to note that warm baths aren't advised immediately following a meal. However, a long bath can still improve your blood circulation, which also improves your digestion. Many diabetes patients take hot baths to improve their inflammation. The hot water can also reduce their blood sugar levels, which makes it easier for these individuals to manage their weight. 

6. The Birthing Process
A long bath can also relieve a pregnant woman's pain. By helping women relax, a hot bath can help women focus on birthing their babies. It's important for these moms to remain relaxed throughout their pregnancy. Hot water will have no adverse effects on the mom or baby. 

For some people, regular baths can increase the risk of urinary tract infections. However, a warm bath can also relax the internal urethral sphincter. This can alleviate pain following surgery and improve the healing process. After giving birth, a hot bath can also improve healing for birth-related tearing.

7. Overall Cleansing
Of course, there are the most obvious benefits of taking a bath regularly: cleansing and moisturizing!

Your skin, hair, and eyes need daily care. The water and steam from a hot bath can keep your body properly hydrated. Since your body is mostly water, it's important to soak in moisture (as well as drink it). 

Hot water also opens the pores and helps us sweat. This process is the body's natural way of cleansing. Check out this guide for choosing a shower over your bath to wash up in style!

Grab your rubber ducky! It's time to soak up these seven benefits of taking a bath regularly. After a hot bath, you can improve your overall health and wash away your worries. Check out the Health & Fitness section of the blog for more helpful tips!