Waxing from home can be a satisfying endeavour. You are in full control of your body and you don’t need an appointment. However, you require the right equipment, especially a superior quality roll-on wax kit; it is a must have. While it is true that the market is flooded with a broad range of these kits, understanding how to choose the best is key, lest you spend money on a kit that will not meet expectations. 

It is recommended to go to the spa or salon for your waxing services. However, roll-on waxing kits are a quick and easy alternative for waxing at home when you don’t have the time to book an appointment. 

Getting rid of unwanted hair might be challenging, but with the right waxing kit, you don’t have to worry. There is no difference in results between using a standard wax pot and a roll-on wax warmer. These warmers come with roll-on wax cartridges that are self-heating. This is not to say that wax pots are bad. That is far from the truth; they are both good, but roll-on wax warmers facilitate the process for beginners.

What are the pros of roll-on wax?

Just like wax pots, roll-on wax has its own share of pros and cons as discussed below;

Considered easier to use than pot wax.
Reduced of lack of post-waxing skin irritation that may result in redness of the skin or small bumps. 
Wax used with roll-on wax kits is water soluble, a factor that makes it easy to clean up wax residues remaining after waxing. 
There is very little or no wastage of wax because it is premeasured, making it last longer. 
Good for sensitive areas like the bikini line and underarms. 
With the right sanitation, cross contamination is unheard of.
Considered very hygienic since there is no dipping and re-dipping of wax.
Guarantees consistent temperatures during the process because of the self-heating ability. 
Keeps bacteria, dust, hair and all sorts of contaminants at bay.

Choosing a professional roll on wax kit

The choice of the right-roll on wax kit will entirely depend on your personal preferences. Starpil's revolutionary roll-on system was invented and patented by in 1991. Starpil roll-on wax works perfectly for full body applications and leaves skin looking beautifully smooth. This easy to use roll-on waxing system is easy to learn if your new to waxing and regulates their wax warmer’s temperatures to safeguard your skin from burns. 

Consider using roll-on wax cartridges, especially if you are on budget. A single cartridge can be used multiple times on large areas like the legs. If you need these kits for professional use, go for one that will save you time; it can save up to 50% of the entire waxing procedure if used right!