No one would want to compromise their smile and their dental health by picking the wrong dentist, and this is even truer when it comes to orthodontists. That being said, how to make sure that you’re dealing with the best orthodontist in your area? If you’re looking for the best orthodontiste Montreal, these are the signs you need to look for. 

Their Online Reviews

Since you’re living in the 21st century, unless you have terrific referral from the get-go, you’ll probably start your research for a new orthodontist online. Testimonials written by other customers are the surest way to know if a dental professional is actually providing quality orthodontic treatments. However, you shouldn’t focus only on the ratings : read the actual comments to make sure that they’re not fake / too positive to be true or — on the opposite end of the spectrum — completely unfair and designed to ruin a good practitioner's reputation. You’re going to have to use your judgment, here.

Their Communication Skills

As every other health professionals worth their salt, good orthodontists are people persons who communicate in a manner that is both human and effective. That means that on top of being very clear with you regarding your situation and your options, a good orthodontist will also listen carefully and respectfully to your concerns, and (hopefully) address them. They’ll make sure that every little detail is covered to your satisfaction before going forward with a treatment plan.

Their Attitude With Children

Building up on the previous point, the best orthodontists are usually very good with children because they’re the bulk of their clientele. Indeed, even if it’s true that orthodontic treatment can sometimes be done on adult, children are typically the ones who are getting this type of treatments. In consequence, the ideal orthodontist will be able to gain the trust of both a child and their parents, and speak in a manner that is understandable — and not frightening — to all the parties involved.

Their Team is Top Notch

Like many other professional areas, dental care is more a team effort than it appears, so you should pay attention to everyone as soon as you step in an orthodontist office. If you’re greeted by a rude employee who seems to not like his or her job, you should take that into consideration. Even if the staff is not unpleasant per say, they may not seem very knowledgeable about basic stuff that people working around an orthodontist should know. If it’s the case, you should be slightly worried : a chain is only as strong as its weakest link; in other words, you don’t want to entrust your dental health to a professional who’s surrounded by questionable people. 

They Offer a Free Consultation

It’s common practice for good orthodontists — and doctors in general — to offer a free consultation, and it’s usually the first one. It’s a show a good faith on the doctor’s part, and this session is used to establish a relationship with the soon-to-be client. The reason you need to worry about an orthodontist who doesn’t offer a free initial consultation is that their unwillingness to do so may be a sign that they don’t think you’ll stay with them, and thus they don’t want to waste their time for nothing. An orthodontist who is confident in his or her skillset will have no problem “risking” the free consultation in order to attract a new client.

They Give it to You Straight

And that’s probably the best thing any type of professionals can do for you. Good doctors tell it like it is without beating around the bush : you’ll know what your options are, as well as their costs. A good orthodontist will be upfront about the treatments you need, those that would be a good idea to consider in the future, and those that are irrelevant to your situation. By doing that, they empower you to take the best decision possible regarding your dental health.

You’re looking for a good orthodontist in Montreal? Follow these recommendations and you will get the best of the best!