Frustrations in sexual life due to erectile dysfunction are nothing uncommon. We often talk about different kinds of foods for different parts and systems of the body. But do we ever think about the penile health of men? Do we ever pay attention to the fact that the penis might need some kind of special foods and nutrition to function properly? Well, sad but true, we hardly pay heed to this side of our health, which is so very important in maintaining overall wellness of a person. 

Mentioned below are some food items, which are highly crucial for sexual health of men, right from boosting erection strength to bettering sperm motility. 

Bananas – For good sexual health, it is very important to have good heart health. Bananas abound in potassium, which is excellent for your heart and blood circulation. Sodium levels and blood pressure levels are also maintained in the body with right potassium levels. With good circulation of blood in the body and right blood pressure, the penile chamber will receive adequate amount of blood during sexual activity and the problem of erectile dysfunction can be minimized.

Ginger – Ginger has a strong flavor and taste, which adds zing to foods. Along with this, the natural ingredient also helps in boosting sex life by improving blood flow to the penile area and improves artery health as well. Levels of testosterone are also increased in the male body with ginger intake, which helps in getting better and bigger and firmer erections. Sperm viability also gets better with the natural ingredient. Add ginger in different forms to your cooking and see the difference in your sex life.

Spinach – Spinach is an amazing green leafy vegetable that abounds in different health benefits. The vegetable is an appetite-suppressant, hence you will be able to lose those extra pounds and flaunt an envious naked body. At the same time, the ingredient helps in boosting blood flow to the penis and penile area for better and stronger erections. With stronger and firmer erections, better sex can be enjoyed. Age-related sexual issues can also be combated with the help of spinach intake. 

Chili peppers – Are you looking to make your bedroom experience spicy and hot? Well, in that case chili peppers are ideal. Results of research have shown that men who consume chili peppers have higher testosterone levels. With healthy testosterone levels, sexual activities become all the more pleasurable and successful. The chemical capsaicin in the peppers do the needed action and show results. Endorphins are secreted boosting the libido in men. 

Coffee – If you thought that coffee was impacting your sexual health in any manner, you were mistaken. Research reports stand evidence to the fact that coffee helps in combating the problem of erectile dysfunction to quite an extent. People who have coffee are less likely to have such issues. Series of reactions are triggered in the male body by drinking coffee, which improves blood flow to the penis and penile area making better erections. 

Dark chocolateThis explains the relation of sex and chocolate. Cocoa used in chocolate plays a pivotal role in increasing the levels of serotonin in the body. This helps in lowering stress levels in the body, helps in boosting libido and improves chances of reaching orgasms. Blood flow is improved through the arteries to different parts of the body including the penis. Sexual pleasure definitely enhances with such an ingredient. 

Watermelon – L-citrulline is abundantly found in watermelon. This is a prominent amino acid, which helps in making erections harder. In the body it turns to L-arginine, which stimulates production of nitric acid in the body, increasing blood flow to the penis for strong, long and firm erections.