A timed pill dispenser eliminates the use of labels, which is excellent for the aging eye.  Instead, there is a large LED display, which is easy to set up.

Dealing with multiple prescriptions can be a challenge for you and your loved ones. Over 40 percent of adults above fifty years of age take five or more pills. You are, therefore, not alone in this dilemma. Doctors, however, say that the best way to manage multiple prescription drugs is to be proactive.

You should take measures necessary to ensure that the drugs are taken on time. You also should get the refills on time. In addition, ensure that you stay alert to interactions and any side effects to ensure that health is preserved. 

A timed pill dispenser can lessen the challenge of staying proactive. The gadget can ensure that your strategies of managing varied medications succeed safely. They are effective, yet affordable prescription management solutions. With them, you can improve adherence by up to 90% as per studies. 

 An excellent timed pill dispenser is designed with ease of use in mind. It has a simple interface and friendly features for older individuals. This tool will ensure the ease of management of the most complex medication regimes. With it, seniors that live on their own can stay on track with their prescription schedule, without constant watching from a caregiver.  

The benefits of a pill dispenser

There are pill dispensers also that have fantastic monitoring features. The timed pill dispenser is designed to ease the burden of pharmacists and caregivers. It, for instance, facilitates medicine counting and management. The gadget can also support inventory and dispensing control. With it, prescription errors will be minimized. Such errors can cause fatal injury or even death. 

The rapid emergence of chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and blood pressure has heightened the need for these gadgets. Besides, populations are increasingly becoming aware of healthcare at a time when older generations are living longer due to better medical care. There is, therefore, a need for home-based self-care treatment management systems that can cut down on dispensing and prescription errors. 

Who needs a timed pill dispenser the most?

It is estimated that over 50% of all medications prescribed for chronic illness are not taken as advised. Many factors lead to such low levels of adherence. This includes;
The case of an older person, who is forgetful and lives alone
Caregivers of elderly persons that have hectic schedules that do not allow them to check medication schedule daily
Unwell persons that tend to confuse pill-taking schedules
People with large doses of multiple medications that have to be taken daily. 
Taking multiple medications that have similar packaging
Lose of prescriptions due to poor storage


Even the best-intentioned of people can have trouble juggling numerous medication schedules. A timed pill dispenser will make it easier for you, by alerting you when the time comes to take your pills. It will also assist your caregivers in having peace of mind since they can monitor your routines, which supports adherence.