Teeth’s of an adult is normally pale yellow, or grey, not bright white and these shades deepen over time as the enamel becomes thin. In addition to it, the things which we eat or drink daily such as coffee, soy sauce, grape juice, etc leave stains behind. There are many ways to whiten your teeth again. In this article, we will discuss about teeth whiten reasons, methods, benefits and facts.

Why are my teeth yellow?

Number of factors contributed to yellow teeth some of which are-

Smoking- cigarettes as well as other tobacco products are unsafe for your oral hygiene and it spoils your teeth colour.

Poor eating habit- if you consume more of the processed food having high acid levels, then it will make your teeth yellow. Also, daily eating candies or sugary food ruin the enamel.

Aging- at the age of 20s or 30s your teeth discoloration begins depending on various factors such as lifestyle and genetics.

Dry mouth condition (Xerostomia)- enamel of the teeth cannot be nourished with bacteria-fighting agents when the level of saliva is low.

Antibiotics- some antibiotics can abolish enamel and your teeth become vulnerable to discolouring. Some antibiotics that cause yellowing of the teeth are tetracycline and doxycycline.

Tartar and plaque- bacterial deposits when accumulate can ruin your teeth as well as cause yellowing of teeth.  

Reasons behind whitening your teeth

Before you go for teeth whitening Malaysia you must understand the reasons behind it. One of the main reasons to whiten your teeth is because it improves your smile and boosts your confidence. People with yellow teeth feel embarrassed when laughing or talking to someone. Also, yellow teeth along with bad smell, can make your confidence level further low.

There are many health benefits related to teeth whitening due to which people want to whiten them. Yellow teeth indicate that you are not taking good care of your teeth. There are many more reasons which contribute to yellow teeth. The damages, missing teeth or unhealthy teeth not only affect the smile. However, it ruins your oral health. Hence, it is important to whiten your teeth to improve your lifestyle.

Teeth whitening Malaysia-

Icaredental is the dental clinic offering you teeth whitening option at a very affordable rate. They have highly trained professionals who have many years of experience. They are very friendly and know how to take care of your teeth. They make use of the appropriate teeth whitening method. Whitening is a one-time process but if you wish to maintain the bright colour of your teeth, then you need to repeat this process from time to time.

At icaredental you are offered in office or chairside teeth whitening option. In-office teeth’s whitening is a very famous cosmetic dental method. In-office teeth whitening is also known as power whitening, power bleaching or chairside whitening. It takes place under monitoring condition allowing safe, controlled as well as pain-free use of bleaching gel of high concentration which yields readily visible results.

Benefits of in-office whitening-

This is the fastest method to whiten your teeth.
It is a much safer form of tooth bleaching.
Tooth or gum sensitivity can be controlled by the thicker peroxide gels and desensitizers like fluoride and potassium nitrate.
Some more benefits of teeth whitening-

Improve your self-confidence and self- esteem-

A good smile is the first thing noticed by the people and also it has a great impact on your personality. Professional teeth whitening helps remove stains on your teeth and brighten your smile. You feel more confident as well as attract people through your smile. After whitening the teeth you won’t hide your teeth behind while talking or laughing.

Easy to maintain-

At icaredental you are offered home whitening kit. Using this kit, you can easily freshen your teeth at home. It will only take 30 minutes to retain a bright colour. You need to avoid staining food or drinks for 24 hours after the treatment to get the best result. There is a protective layer on teeth called acquired pellicle. This layer has a surface stain and it is removed while the whitening method. It takes 24 hours for this layer to develop fully. Hence, avoid dark food and drink like tea, etc. in order to minimize staining.

Oral health is improved-

Teeth whitening also help in improving your oral health. We start taking good care of teeth when brushing and flossing. A good oral health means there will be less or no disease in the mouth. There won’t be a pain in gums, teeth, etc.

So, these are few benefits of teeth whitening. If you wish to whiten your teeth then you can take an appointment from icaredental. They offer you various other dental care services also. Time taken to whiten your teeth may vary depending on your teeth’s condition. But it is sure that you will be satisfied when you will look at your teeth after the treatment.

There is less to no side effects of teeth whitening Malaysia. You can learn a lot about dental health and dental care from the dentists. Regular check-ups are important in case you wish to maintain good oral health. In the present world, your hygiene is the first thing which is most important. No work is more important than your health. Also, you cannot work well if you don’t have good health. Hence, regular dental checkups and caring of teeth and gums are necessary.

Icaredentalcenters at different locations and you can find one near you from their site itself. You can make online appointment easily. You are offered various other services such as Invisalign, dental implants, periodontal treatment, restorative treatment, etc at this dental clinic. You can contact them through call or email.

We hope this article was useful and now you know why you need to go for teeth whitening. To experience all the above given benefits of teeth whitening Malaysia you must go for this treatment one and see results yourself.