As you grow older, your body needs a different variety of food. Your body requires lots of nutrients as your body transforms into a degenerative mode. Growth of cells and repairing tissues in your body decreases and hence your body is no longer fit as it once in your younger age.

Old age brings lots of health issues along with it. Generally, a sign of aging starts from 40+ year and you become quite old till 55th year of your age. The process of aging is nothing but the oxidation of cells. In this process, the generation of new cells in the place of an older cell has been slowed or stopped. The symptom of oxidation is greying and falling of your hair, lack of energy, coughs and cold, etc.

The general symptoms of aging is a person suffers from wrinkles on his face, poor digestion, muscles get weak, low immunity, weak bones, and fatigue. As you grow older, the swiftness of your body reduces, and you may be a victim of the following common diseases: Diabetes, high/low blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, etc.

There is a famous quote: “What you are is what you eat”. As your age grows, you need to change the pattern of your eating. It doesn’t mean that you need to have eaten less, but eating the right food at the right age is become mandatory to stay yourself fit in your old age.

A balanced diet is the pre-requirement of old age. This age requires balancing of proteins, minerals, vitamin, micro-nutrients, and carbohydrates in the form of proper food which should be easy-to-digest and easy-to-absorb by your body. A healthy eating plan of foods from all food groups involves the nutrients for a person of that age group. It involves group of fruit, vegetables, whole grains like brown rice prepared using your home based rice cooker, and dairy products.

There are various food items which can be beneficial in the old age.

Add at least one egg in your daily meals. The egg white is a rich source of protein, which is very important in repairing of worn-out cell and tissues. It prevents scalping and hair falling. It also tones and grows your muscles and helps in boosting immunity. It also helps in losing weight and prevents you from the danger of obesity. Moreover, it controls the cholesterol level. High cholesterol level can be dangerous as it can cause heart diseases. It also helps you in the proper functioning of your nervous system. You can add a fish in your meal as it is also a great source of protein and vitamin A.
If you are a vegetarian, paneer, bees and peas can be a good replacement of egg and fish.
Seasonal fruits are a great source of fibers. You need fibrous food for the right mobilization of your body. They are one of the best oxidants if consume in their season. They also help you to prevent constipation which is the common symptom as you grow older. Seasonal fruits are the great source of vitamin C and vitamin E which are beneficial for your body cells.
Oil is a medium from which food has been cooked. So it’s very essential to use the right oil in your old age. It is advocated to use olive oil or mustard oil as it not only prevents you from high cholesterol but it also improves good cholesterol in your blood and improves blood circulation process. 
As you grow older, you need to prevent yourself from fatigue. It’s necessary to increase your meals from 2-3 times to 6-7 times a day. You need to eat food/meals in a small quantity for 6-7 times. It will also beneficial for the absorption of nutrients and digestion process.
If you are not comfortable with the direct consumption of vegetable food, you can opt for a vegetable as soups as they are healthy meal. The only care you need to take is that soups shouldn’t contain cream and/ or thickening agents.
You can choose to eat in the form of variety of vegetables in the different form of fresh, frozen or canned food items. It is advised to eat more dark green vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, or broccoli. Vegetables are the great source of nutrients such as potassium, folic acid, fibers and they are free from cholesterol. You can also add orange vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes as they are equipped with vitamin A which is useful to improve your vision.
Add some amount of bread made with your bread maker, rice, pasta and whole-grain cereals in your daily meals.
Vitamin D is very important for the health of your bones. You need to add milk and cheese in your meals as they contain a great amount of vitamin D. 
It is advised to carry a small snack whenever you will be out of home. It will prevent you from the fatigue as it can be a great source of instant energy.
You must avoid any form of processed foods that contains artificial colours and preservatives.
Increase the use of tomatoes in your daily meals. It contains lycopene which is helpful to protect you from prostate and lung cancer. 

About 60% of our body made up of water. Water is a great source of micro-nutrients. You need to drink at least 15 glasses of water. As you grown older, the muscular density reduces and you need ample of water in order to prevent yourself from dehydration. 
It is essential to keep your kidneys fit and prevents you from skin disorders and wrinkles.
Always be careful about not to overcook the food. You may have thought that food will be softening and you can enjoy it effortlessly. But overcooking destroys the vital nutrients of food. Instead, you can select food which needs less time for cooking. 

Apart from above food guidelines, you are advised to exercise regularly. You can also choose yoga and meditation practice as it harmonises your body and soul.