According to studies, cardiac arrest is the third primary cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. It is estimated that it strikes 600,000 people every year, taking the majority of the lives of those individuals. Out of which, approx 395,000 cardiac arrest cases occur outside of the hospital, which marks less than 6% of survival.

Cardiac arrest can occur anywhere and anytime and even with your loved one too! Devastated, isn't it?

This is where you should consider becoming CPR certified. If you are horrified by the idea that it's different as it displays on movies, and other media platforms, it is probably not. Learning the absolute CPR training is a lot more than just mouth to mouth operation and chest compression.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is a skill set that enables people to rescue someone who undergoes cardiac arrest. 

While many think that it is only for those who are working or experience in the medical industry, the truth is, it's for everyone.  

Here are three key reasons that you should become CPR certified:

It Helps You Save a Life

Performing CPR correctly in emergency situations can increase the chance of a patient's survival.

According to AHA, the chain of survival requires crucial actions to treat life-threatening activities, including cardiac arrest, heart attack, and stroke. Some of the links within this include:

Early determination of cardiac arrest and access to the emergency systems.
Performing CPR early to save the patient from fatalities and severe traumas until the heart starts functioning normally.
Providing advanced care by emergency medical services and hospital personnel.

However, to increase the chance of a patient's survival struggling with cardiac arrest, it is critical to provide early CPR and defibrillation within the first four minutes. After that, it must be followed with advanced care within the first eight minutes of the cardiac arrest.

The best part about this chain of survival is that anyone who has BLS certification can perform CPR to the person suffering from cardiac arrest.  

Sense of Relaxation
Undoubtedly, owning CPR certification gives you and your closed ones a sense of relaxation regardless of, where you are. Whether at your home or on an adventure, being an expert on correctly performing CPR gives not only your family reassurance, but also boosts confidence.

The trained instructors provide you real-life knowledge and skills translate into an exciting learning experience. The best part is it gives you mental peace as you know that you are there when your family needs you.

You Are A Next Helping Hand WorldWide

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is becoming a global problem, yet very few people are aware of identifying the problem correctly.

SCA is a condition that causes the heart to stop functioning properly. When this happens, blood stops reaching the brain and other organs throughout the body. Thus, if the cardiac arrest is left unaddressed more than a few seconds, it can lead to life-threatening emergencies.

Approx 90% of people die who undergo out of hospital cardiac arrest. On the other side, however, if CPR is administered straight after can double or triple the chance of patient's survival worldwide.  


With these important reasons, another one that fascinates a lot is the feeling of empowerment and emancipation. Moreover, CPR certified people can confidently apply their life-saving skills, whether at home or in the workplace.

Further, if you are a parent, acquiring CPR certification will make you more equipped and confident while demonstrating some of the CPR skills to your kids.

Taking immediate actions by an individual can surely make a difference in rescuing patients from cardiac arrest.

It's just the matter of few bucks to get enrolled in CPR class and obtain the qualification that will enable you to help people in emergencies! Hurry up and get certified!