As soon as you hear the term Medicare part B, the first thing that would have come across your minds is what it is. So let me tell you that Medicare part B is nothing but a part of the original Medicare, covers the medical services and also different supplies which are required to treat someone’s health condition. 

The thing which can be included in it is the outpatient care, the ambulance services, preventive services, and also the durable medical equipment. Apart from all this, it has also been noticed that it covers all sort of part time and the intermittent home health. There are some rehabilitative services also like physical therapy, and it is only if they are asked by the doctor in order to treat your condition. 

In addition, there are some preventive services also which are covered by the Medicare part b. This is a sort of the welcome facilities, which is given by Medicare, the list of the services are flu, hepatitis B shots, cardiovascular screening, diabetes screening, and also the cancer treatment. If you want to know more details about these services, then you need to browse Medicare part B.

If you fall under the Medicare advantage plan, then you are going to get benefited by coverage of both part A as well as part B. This coverage will be done by a private health insurance company, which is usually contracted by the Medicare. As per the law, the Medicare advantage plan should offer the same level of coverage as the original Medicare. Moreover, you will be astonished to know that there are certain plans, which offer some extra coverage too, which are not included in the original Medicare. These facilities are routine checkup for dental, hearing, vision, and even prescription drug coverage. 

Eligibility for Medicare part B
You might be wondering that are the eligibility criteria to get the benefit of this plan. The first thing is that anyone who qualifies for the premium free Medicare part A is eligible for the Medicare part B. All that you need to do is enroll yourself and pay a small monthly premium. If you are not able to qualify for the Medicare part A, then you can only qualify for the Medicare part B by meeting the criteria mentioned below.

First and the foremost thing is that you must be sixty five years or older.
Apart from this, you must be a citizen of the US or even a permanent resident as per the law residing in the US for not less than five continuous years.

Apart from this, you can also qualify for the automatic Medicare part B enrollment, and it is possible only through disability. Keep one thing in your mind that if you age below sixty five years and you are also receiving the disability benefit by the railroad retirement board or the social security, then you can too enjoy the benefit. In that scenario, you will be enrolled automatically after twenty four months of your disability. 

Many of them have a doubt that when they need to enroll for the Medicare part B, so for those if they are not enrolled automatically, then you need to enroll during the initial enrollment period. Moreover, if you do not even qualify for the special enrollment period, then you can also sign up during the annual general enrollment period. This period starts from the first of January to the thirty first of March. To know more, you can simply browse