Are you one of those people who tucks himself or herself by 8 or 9 pm but is unable to sleep for hours? You have a sleeping disorder then. The first step to treat it is by identifying the reason you are unable to sleep.

1. You are Stressed:

If you are suffering from insomnia, you must be already aware that one reason could be that you are stressed. People who suffer from issues, always have thousands of different thoughts going on in their mind. The entire day you are busy with other work hence these thoughts cross your mind much lesser but at night when you just need to relax, you start thinking about your issues and your brain becomes active and stressed which will not let you go to sleep easily. Meditate or play relaxing sounds when you go to sleep so that your mind gets busy listening to the chants and does not get time to think about the issues.

2. Your Sleep Schedule Varies Every day:

Many office going people work in various shifts. If your shift is consistent then your sleeping pattern is the same every day and your body gets used to it but if your shift keeps changing then it will become really difficult for you to fall asleep at different times every day hence try to stick to the same sleeping schedule or else your body will collapse out of fatigue.

3. You Eat Just Before Your Bedtime:

If you sleep just after you had a meal, your meal does not get digested, and the digestion happens in your sleep which results in acid reflux where the acid from the stomach backflows to the esophagus. This disturbs your sleep and causes coughing and heartburn. This is a very common issue why many people suffer from disturbed and uncomfortable sleep at nights. You can easily get rid of this symptom by eating a minimum of two hours prior to bedtime so that your food gets digested before you sleep. Also, just an extra pillow to elevate your head further while you sleep to avoid acid reflux.

4. You Watch Content on Electronic Screen Before Bedtime:

Studies have suggested that people who watch too much of mobile on the bed before sleep disturb their sleep as the bright blue light and moving frames will activate and stress your brain more instead of relaxing it. Also, once you start watching a video on YouTube, the feed keeps suggesting many other videos based on your interest and that tempts you to stay online further. Staying up late can increase your stress hormone known as cortisol and you will find it difficult to sleep.

Best solution is to stay away from the phone half an hour before your bedtime so that you don't fall into this trap, unlike many others.

How Does CBD Help?

You can take the aid of native CBD oil which will relax you and help you catch some sleep. This oil is THC free with 60% active molecule count for more effective results. This high-quality FDA approved oil will help you relax your mind and improve your physical and mental well-being which will further aid you to catch some good night’s sleep.

If you are unable to sleep 2-3 days in a month, it is normal as you must be really stressed on that particular day or must be over-rested but if it happens almost every night, then you really need to get some help. Getting a full night’s sleep is like charging your battery so that your body can function at its best every day.