The medicinal properties of cannabis have been used to treat an array of different conditions and the scientific community has conducted various studies that prove the plant is capable of providing a sense of relaxation, a reduction in pain, improved quality of sleep, and even an increase in appetite. 

There are two main different varieties of the medicinal cannabis plant and each provides a set of different benefits. Understanding the significant difference is essential to establish the right strain for individual requirements. 

Sativa and Indica are the two main varieties of cannabis and because each strain will provide different effects on the body and mind of the consumer, the medicinal properties will also vary. While Sativa strains of cannabis will offer the consumer a significant boost of energy, Indica strains will encourage optimal relaxation. The cannabis flowers and leaves of each strain vary and consumers can learn to identify both strains by the appearance of the plant. Identifying the strains can be quite simple, considering that you know what to look for.

Sativa Explained

The Cannabis Sativa plant grows quite tall and thin and the plants' leaves are significantly narrow. The plant is also a noticeably lighter shade of green in comparison to Indica plants and they take somewhat longer to grow and mature. Sativa plants require ideal light in order to grow and medicinal Sativa strains contain a higher THC compound content and a lower CBD content.

The medicinal properties of Sativa will provide consumers antidepressant and antianxiety effects. It is also ideal for reducing chronic pain, increasing creativity and mental focus. Because Sativa is able to affect serotonin receptors in the brain, it is able to positively influence learning, sleep quality, anxiety, depression, general mood, and appetite. However, it is essential that Sativa strains are only consumed during the day as they will increase energy levels. 

Indica Explained

Generally, Cannabis Indica plants can be identified as short and bushy plants with noticeably wide leaves. These plants are able to grow a lot faster in comparison to Sativa plants and they also have a significantly higher yield. Indica plants contain a higher CBD compound content and lower THC content. Indica strains may be considered as the more commonly found cannabis strains, which could be a result of the plants' ability to grow and mature a lot faster in comparison to Sativa strains of cannabis.

The medicinal benefits of consuming Indica strains include an induced state of relaxation and a reduction in muscle tension. This strain can also assist with relief from nausea and acute pain. Indica strains are also able to increase consumers appetite, although, unlike Sativa strains that influence serotonin levels, Indica strains are able to increase dopamine hormone levels. Dopamine is a hormone produced by the brain that is responsible for a person’s feelings of pleasure and joy. This strain should only be consumed in the evenings as it will promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. 

Self-Medicating With Cannabis

The use of cannabis to treat various conditions at home is usually considered self-medicating. Because the use of cannabis for recreational purposes and medicinal purposes is not strictly regulated, consumers can establish a suitable dosage on their own without risking concerns of severe side effects. However, it is recommended to opt for products that have been tested by a third-party for quality to ensure that you are consuming adequate amounts of either THC or CBD. 

There are several different types of cannabis products available from tasty edibles to concentrated oils. The medicinal plant can be consumed in various different ways allowing individuals to control their consumption. Vaping devices can be used to smoke CBD or THC oils in a most convenient manner, while quality strains of buds can be purchased and used in several different ways as well. The undeniable growth of the cannabis industry is directly the result of the plants many beneficial medicinal properties.

When self-medicating with cannabis in hopes of treating certain conditions, it is essential to have an adequate understanding of both the condition and the difference between cannabis strains to ensure your results will be significantly beneficial. Monitoring your individual results and adjusting your consumption is a great idea that will help you establish a suitable use for your individual requirements.