Pregnancy is a special time in every woman's life. A truly unique experience that brings about the well-known phrase "Pregnancy Glow". As innocent as this phrase sounds the Pregnancy Glow is based on hormonal changes within the woman's body. These same hormones can be the culprit for changes in her personality and mood. Mood swings along with depression can increase as the pregnancy progresses. This is a well-documented condition called, "Perinatal Depression". 

The Effects of Perinatal Depression 

The emotional and mental strain of depression upon a pregnant woman can lead to poor self-care. It can also encourage alcohol and substance abuse. Needless to say, the lack of maintaining good health can impact the well-being of the baby. Professional estimate that between 7.4–20% of women suffer from depression during pregnancy, with up to 22% suffering from postnatal depression. 

Even though, depression during pregnancy is a common condition it can be often overlooked by healthcare professionals. Perinatal Depression can have destructive effects upon family life and so it is of utmost importance that any Pregnant women experiencing depression-like symptoms be diagnosed. Getting a correct diagnosis of Perinatal Depression is the first step. 

How can you fight back against Depression during Pregnancy?

6- Rehab for Pregnant Women

Substance and Alcohol abuse can have negative impacts upon your partner and entire family unit. The condition of a pregnant woman's health can make her more vulnerable to the damages of abuse. By extension, the fetus being attached to its mother and sharing the same fluids can suffer life long health-related illnesses. Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers offer a solution to rehab for pregnant women.

There are wonderful treatment centers that understand the stresses and strains that pregnant woman suffer. They use a multi-step approach including detox options and intensive therapy along with mental and emotional support. There is no need to suffer alone.

This is why in severe cases, opting for in patient treatment for depression or substance abuse would be ideal to save the lives of the mother and the child.


The lifestyle of a pregnant woman can impact her mental and physical health. Exercise can be as powerful as a drug in treating depression. Moderate and regular exercise such as walking for 75 to 150 minutes a week can prevent or minimize depressive symptoms and help reduce obesity. Why not invite a friend to be your exercise buddy? This is a great idea to encourage you to maintain a regular exercise program. 

4-Healthy Eating

Pregnant women can develop all sorts of cravings during this period. Studies have shown that the nutrients and minerals you intake can have a direct impact on your physical and mental health. During this delicate time in your life, your body has an additional need for nutrients. A diet lacking good nutrition can be the cause of psychiatric symptoms, such as anxiety and depression. Consult with your doctor for a healthy meal plan regimen. Your doctor would be in the best position to the nutrients evaluated your health needs. 

3-Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence or what's known as IPV is a major cause of depression during pregnancy. It has been estimated that in the US, 25% of women deal with IPV. IPV can have grave consequences upon the family and be the main cause of Perinatal Depression for many. During Pregnancy woman can experience a rollercoaster of emotions. IPV can only make these emotions more intense. Each woman's situation in life is different, so there is no standard approach. 

However, steps can be helpful in the case of a pregnant woman experiencing IPV. 

1. Seek out social support. Find a friend or someone that can help you think through your situation. 

2. Obtain a safe living environment. Sometimes governmental housing programs can be of assistance to a family experiencing IPV. Whatever direction you choose to go in, make it a priority to remove yourself from any type of violent situation. Nothing good can come from IPV. 

2-Social Support

Pregnancy is a time in your life you need to be surrounded by people that love and support you. Good friends is another way to fight back against depression during pregnancy. True, a depressed Pregnant woman needs medical care, but good friends can offer valuable support. Studies have shown that good social support protects against Perinatal and Postpartum depression. 

1-Relationship with Doctor

Finding a caring physician that takes time to truly listen to their patient's concerns may not be easy to find but it is worth the effort. A competent and caring doctor can help diagnose Depressive Symptoms early on and direct their patients to receive the appropriate care and therapy.

From personal experience, I can say that finding a doctor that truly care from their hearts can make a difference. My daughter-in-law had a Pre-natal doctor that was harsh and abrasive. I encouraged her to seek out another physician. The new physician was open to listening to her concerns and took decisive action when my daughter-in-law experienced complications.