P-Shot recently became one of the more popular treatments for infertility in men. It came to the big scene recently, and it’s tried in different parts of the US, including Kansas City. Following, we will show you what people of Kansas have to say about this treatment. 

What Don’t People Know?
There are a lot of misconceptions about P-shot. Let’s start with the name, P-shot is a short version of Priapus shot. It was first used by Dr. Charles Runnels when it injected the shot into his pens. He believed that Priapus, the God of Male Regenerative power in Greek Folk, embodied what he was trying to achieve. 

This treatment is a PRP regenerative autologous. This means you are using your blood to regenerate cellular regenerate and tissue repair. Platelets play an important role, and they are derived from your blood. These can release growth factors and proteins in your genital area. With that said, we are going to discuss the benefits of P-shot real quick:

It helps you achieve strong and firm erections for long
It also improves your sexual stamina
Helps to increase the length and girth of genital
Improves sensitivity and blood flow to the penis
Helps boost your self-confidence

 You should know this is not the same as the Trimix Injections. Trimix is an injection which helps you to achieve an erection for a limited time. But you have to take it every time you need an erection. This is not the case with P-shot; it revives and improves your natural erections. You don’t need to take it every time. Just make sure you undergo the treatment and follow up procedures without any issue, and everything will work out. 

It effectively Improves Sexual Health
There are many myths about erectile dysfunction. Don’t worry; the male enhancement surgery also has its fair share of myths. The extent of infertility treatments after implant surgery is limited to the patient’s satisfaction. Doctors who suggest the patient undergo this surgery often overlook the costs. It can cost you quite a fortune between $15,000 - $25,000! 

This is a lot of money and let us remind you it’s not covered by the insurance provider. These treatments are considered aesthetic only. Priapus shot treats impotence and is covered up by insurance companies. 

This shot also improves the feeling of pleasure by the recipient. This shot improves blood flow to the genial, and it makes any difference when it comes to initial touch for arousal. Many sexual health issues have a direct line with low self-confidence as this treatment focuses on these acute issues; it also ends up improving your confidence. 

We imagine you believe the P-Shot is very painful, thanks to the needle. Well, that’s not the case. Doctors have worked on the fact that the shot to genitals is made painless. It’s a concern for most people; therefore, a local anesthetic is provided before the shot is administered. Evrnu takes special care to ensure you don’t feel any pain when taking this shot.