If moderate, cholesterol is required for proper functioning of your organism. The problem arises when its amount is too high.

High cholesterol affects the functions of the digestive system and causes a series of burdensome ailments. Therefore, when you notice early signs of it, you should take relevant steps immediately. Pharmacological treatment is not always necessary. Sometimes all you need to do is change your eating habits and find time for physical activities. If the change of diet and sport do not help, drugs are the solution.

Change your diet

It is easy to prevent too high cholesterol in your organism. You should pay attention to what you eat and how much you eat. Some foods contain large amounts of cholesterol – it is essential that you learn which products are these and eat them moderately. To prevent it, it is important that you eat such products which raise the so-called good cholesterol. Adjusting the diet to the needs of your organism, you can keep your cholesterol at a suitable level, and if the level is too high – reduce it by at least 15%. The best idea is to consult your dietitian. If you fail to consult a specialist, far-reaching eating habits may prove to be harmful. Your menu must be well-selected; if you exclude certain products, your „good” cholesterol may drop.

Beware of some products

The amount of cholesterol in food must not exceed 300 mg. This means that you must cut down on eating certain products. The highest level of cholesterol is included in egg yellow. Healthy persons are advised not to eat more than 3-4 eggs, while persons dealing with high cholesterol – 1-2 egg(s) a week. A special attention must be paid to offal which, following eggs, is another source of cholesterol. Those who deal with excess of cholesterol must resign from this kind of meals at all.  

The general rule is that you should limit consumption of animal fats. Fat meat and cured meat may be replaced with poultry products devoid of skin. We discourage you from eating lard, butter, cream as well as fatty milk preserves. Apart from vitamin A, butter contains large amounts of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. For this reason you should exclude them from your diet and choose oils (we have talked about their use in the kitchen here: https://www.product-port.com/ ). Apart from this, you may choose to eat fat saltwater fish as it contains omega-3 acids which reduce cholesterol. 

If you change your daily diet and do something actively, you can effectively reduce cholesterol and get rid of issues related to its excess.