Like everything in nature, the day has its own rhythm. The morning when the sun rises and later with the moon shining above our heads. That lighter part of the 24 hours cycle is our point of interest in this article. How to take the best from mornings and what shall we use it for? 

Morning mode 

We all know how hard it is to get up from the warm bed, especially in those cold and rainy days. In the end, we do that and we do start our working day. In most of the cases, we are a little bit in a hurry, drinking coffee between morning shower and taking care of all of the things we need to take with us. This kind of morning is a foundation for our quick and stressful day. But why shouldn’t we start our days slightly different? How? Keep reading.

Half of an hour rule

The first thing you can do to accommodate to your new morning rituals is to set your alarm half an hour before than you would set in other days. That half hour is just yours. You can use it to take a long shower or you can take a nice cup of coffee with yourself. Those 30 minutes are just yours to think of your daily tasks and plan them. You will feel the difference quickly. There will be very few of: “I totally forgot” situations. Often, that morning silence will help you to solve some problems you were thinking about in a blink of an eye. That is because you will become more focused without other stuff in your thoughts.

Morning exercise

You have slept with a lot of worries and unsolved questions from the day before and guess what: they are still here. The best thing you can do to blow them away is morning exercise. It doesn’t have to be a strength training, it can be light jogging or even some flexibility and mobility routine. After a while, it will become your warm-up routine for the further things coming during a busy day. For 30-45 minutes, you will be stress relieved while you are doing a good thing to your body and your mind. After a few weeks, it will become your habit. Habit will soon become a way of life. A healthy and less stressful way of life. 

Eating a healthy breakfast

People often skip their breakfast and replace the breakfast with bakeries and donut shops. Responsibility is on modern-day rhythm;we agree on that. Your task is to fight back and to take a piece of that beautiful sunny morning to enjoy in your breakfast. It should contain healthy fats and proteins like eggs and fresh cheese and bacon. We are not telling you to eat like a horse! Just to secure a nice amount of energy for later, so you won't feel those hunger strikes anymore. Reason for that is healthy fast containing 9 calories per gram, instead of 4 calories in carbohydrates case. And on the contrary, fats don’t make you fat. Excessive use of carbohydrates, especially sugars do. Keep that in mind next time you take a donut or drink chocolate milk for breakfast. 

Early morning routines 

These are just some of the basic rituals you can start with. They are a good foundation for other ones. They will fill you with energy and clean your head from the stress. Start with little steps. That half an hour rule can easily become 15 or 20-minutes rule. Exercise can become a quick morning workout routine that is done in 10 minutes. Development of a habit is an issue here. Every habit is built little by little. As already said, a habit becomes a lifestyle, a better and healthier one in this case.